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What is Business Innovation?

Tuesday May 28, 2019 at 4:00pm

What is 3DEXPERIENCE Business Innovation?

It’s a better way to empower innovation and manage your business by connecting employees, partners, and customers across your ecosystem to share information and collaborate.


What types of problems does it solve?

With 3DEXPERIENCE Business Innovation you can:

• Manage your business and access design information anywhere, anytime, on any device.
• Securely store and share your business data on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform 
• Aggregate real-time intelligence from a variety of sources within your business, ecosystem and industry.
• Optimize the Ideation process with familiar tools that engage all stakeholders.
• Collaborate with internal and external people through lightweight visualization and markup processes.
• Leverage the global community to answer design questions, get training, and share knowledge.
• Get your products manufactured with a qualified network of industrial service providers.

Access and take advantage of Dassault Systèmes cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform applications and services.

Who is Business Innovation for?

Business Innovation is for all SOLIDWORKS customers on subscription, and for every team in their organization and ecosystem - Engineering, Marketing, Sales, IT, Finance, HR, executive offices and more.

A Solid Solutions Guide to Business Innovation:

What are the benefits of Business Innovation?

3DEXPERIENCE Business Innovation enables you to:

• Connect and engage your teams, customers, and partners in real time ideation and collaboration.
• Leverage data and feedback to make better decisions.
• Improve productivity by sharing information easily across the value stream.
• Spend less time updating data, managing status and drowning in email.

 How can I purchase additional License of Business Innovation?

Additional licenses are available for purchase through Solid Solutions. Please contact us for any enquiries. 

Where can I learn more about using Business Innovation

SOLIDWORKS have provided 60 minutes of training content to help users familiarise themselves with Business Innovation functionality. This content requires you to register for my.SOLIDWORKS and is all available here.

Keep an eye out for upcoming articles on our blog as we'll be sharing further advice and tips shortly.

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