Customer Story: Dolphin Solutions

Monday September 30, 2019 at 10:38am
Automatically reducing repetitive designs

Our customer, Dolphin Solutions, are (positively) obsessed with productivity and efficiency.  They have been creating beautiful high-performance commercial washrooms for nearly 20 years. From the Shard to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, from Sydney Airport to St Pancras International, from Wimbledon to Wells Cathedral, you’ll find Dolphin washrooms – looking great and performing brilliantly.

Customer Story: Dolphin Solutions

They focus on improving productivity continuously, driving developments in sales by using methods within the business that help their people do more with less effort. When Dolphin decided to automate their design process, they looked around for different options on the market but being SOLIDWORKS users already, in partnership with us, they discovered DriveWorks. Product Design Engineer, Robert Kenny-Allen, commented: “We had someone come in from Solid Solutions for a DriveWorks demonstration and we decided from there that it was the right tool for us to better automate our products.

We really believe that it has made it very easy to specify a system, so our biggest benefit from implementing design automation into our company is the user experience, giving the customer the ability to configure our product and be able to see all the different configurations available from that product in real-time.

All those production files are created without any need for the design team to even see the job, which has made a huge difference on results and design. Every single job now can just flow straight through operations and we can spend a lot more time on new products and new innovations.”


However, it is important to know design automation is a process that evolves over time. Our Product Manager at Solid Solutions, Paul Churm, points out: “Some people ask me ‘When will I start seeing the results of my investment in design automation?’ I say it depends on the type of automation they are trying to achieve. You can take small sub-assemblies and get them quickly automated to save time, which means there’s more time available to dedicate to the rest of your design automation process. If the customer wants to incorporate the tools onto their website and offer a portal where their clients can customise and pick and choose their products, that takes a bit more time. We have had cases of customers going from scratch to live on the web within 18 months. It all depends on the product, the amount of product and variance and, of course, the time the company dedicates to installing the new system.”

Robert continues, “It needs your undivided attention and time input to get it working. Our experience with Solid Solutions has been a very positive one throughout the whole journey of installing DriveWorks, right from getting a demonstration on-site to helping us install the right software, to then supporting us as we worked on our user forms and all of our models in DriveWorks.”

Another important aspect of automating designs is that it retains knowledge within the business. As Paul mentions in this video, “There is a lot of information stored within the four walls of any business.

That could be in the form of spreadsheets, files scattered on servers or the usual person who has been in the company for many years and is the go-to guy when it comes to finding product information. What we do is take all that information and centralise it into the back-end of our system. This way the knowledge is stored within the four walls of the business, what we refer to as KBE (Knowledge Base Engineering), which helps any business moving forward and not having to worry about information leaving the company when an employee retires or moves on in their career path.”

For more information about Dolphin Solutions, visit:

Get in touch with Paul if you would like to learn more about design automation.

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