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Customer Story: See.Sense

Wednesday October 16, 2019 at 11:30am

“We want to have more people cycling more often, and we are on a mission to bring See.Sense, technology and cyclists together to improve everyone's journey.”

Jonny Weir, See.sense’s Lead Designer. 


We recently spoke to one of our customers, See.Sense, who were previously on our Entrepreneur Program and saw great success with it.  The company is based in Northern Ireland, creating and designing various bike accessories with a clear goal in mind, to improve everyone's bike journeys. “The company was founded in 2013 by Philip and Irene (a husband-wife team) but has been brought to life by thousands of cyclists,” says Jonny. Today See.Sense has a small, but strong design team, consisting of three designers. Jonny describes his early experiences with the software, “I used SOLIDWORKS for the first time when I was studying at school, and later during my Industrial Design course at university. In most of my professional experience, we either used SOLIDWORKS daily, or worked with Engineers designing exclusively in SOLIDWORKS. We wanted to bring more Product Design/Concept Design in house and one of the first steps in doing that was sourcing a CAD package with SOLIDWORKS being the obvious choice.”

It was around this time when Jonny and See.Sense discovered the SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneur Program, and they quickly realised they should try it. “ Interestingly, one of our customers worked for SOLIDWORKS in the USA and mentioned the Entrepreneur Program. A few emails later along with a few more details, and it sounded like a perfect fit for us. Solid Solutions were very helpful in getting us up and running and provided basic training and invites to SOLIDWORKS events.”


Before finding the Entrepreneur Program, they had several issues that are common for a new start-up business. “From a design POV, it was difficult to prototype or move fast. Most of our design work was being done on pen and paper or in 2D using Adobe products, not very suitable for precision design. It wasn't the most efficient way of working,” says Jonny.

When the business was still a start-up, the impact that the program had on See.Sense’s growth was clear, “It massively increased the speed in which we could get a product to market. This speed to market showed we could stay ahead of our much larger competition by around 2 years. Since we started using SOLIDWORKS, our product output has increased and we have brought, or are currently, bringing 4 new products to market. In the simplest terms, it helps us grow and produce more products. Our design team has also grown and now all three members are capable of using the software to a professional level, through the use of Solid Solutions training and in-house tutoring.”

If you are interested in learning more about the Entrepreneur Program, or want to know if you are eligible, click here.

To find out more about See.Sense visit:

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