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Customer Story: BIOHM

Wednesday December 11, 2019 at 12:25pm
“Our revolutionary construction system is capable of achieving drastic reductions in a building’s environmental impact, build-times and costs. As a start-up, we are always on the lookout for improvements in our operations and the SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneur Program has provided such an essential support to our business.”- Ehab Sayed, Founder and Director of Innovation at BIOHM

Biohm is an award winning research and development company that is using nature to revolutionise construction and create a healthier and more sustainable environment. Placing biological systems at the heart of their inspiration, Biohm use future-tech to create a step-change in building technologies, materials and manufacturing methods.

Triagomy is their revolutionary construction system. Capable of achieving drastic reductions in a building’s environmental impact, build-times and costs, Biohm use unique bio-based materials, which include mycelium (mushroom-based) insulation, Orb (Organic Refuse Biocompound) and a plant-based concrete alternative. This off-site interlocking construction system creates carbon-negative buildings that can be deconstructed at any stage of their life. The result is a much more agile infrastructure to architects, property developers and occupants.


As well as delivering sustainable high-performance buildings, Biohm are driven by continuous property research, through which they offer consultation services to the industry. They work in symbiosis with industry, local and national government, community and academia to lead the construction sector towards a circular future that is inspired by nature and driven by human, environmental and economical needs.

Their team of industrial designers was first introduced to SOLIDWORKS at Brunel University. “As a start-up, we are always on the lookout for operation opportunities and the SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneur Program has given us such an essential support to our business”, says Founder and Director of Innovation, Ehab Sayed.

He continues, “The program has allowed us to deliver the final design specifications for our mycelium insulation manufacturing facility in West Somerset. Having access to the CAD drawings in SOLIDWORKS meant we could comply much earlier with the grant funding we received from Waitrose and Power2Change. The program has also contributed to the ongoing project delivery and pre-manufacturing stages. The level of detail we were able to communicate on our production line has been crucial to our product development and facility set-up.

We not only prototype and simulate our designs in SOLIDWORKS, but also finalise and communicate them to our partners and clients.”


Biohm are making the most out of their SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneur Licence and using the software to create their models and prototypes. They also use ‘stress strain modelling’ to better understand whether their designs are sufficiently strong and to optimise their geometry to the right level of performance.

They also use CAM interface for their model surfacing and Simulation to predict their materials behaviour in relation to their designs. Ehab comments, ‘Simulation is essential to test our interlocking construction system, Triagomy. We also use Visualize to bring our systems to life through animation, which is not only very useful for communicating and presenting the concepts to clients and partners, but also for working out the aesthetic details of our system’s configuration.’

He continues, ‘The customer service from Solid Solutions is excellent. We have enjoyed the rapid responses, the friendly and alternative manner in which we have been treated throughout our work with their team. We will definitely recommend them to any fellow entrepreneurs and larger companies we cross path with.’

For more information about BIOHM’s revolutionary building systems, please visit:

If you know a start-up company looking for free CAD software, training and support, CLICK HERE to find out more details about our Entrepreneur Program. 

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