Model Mania Competition Extension - New Model, More Prizes!

Monday December 13, 2021 at 2:30pm
Due to technical issues with our Model Mania platform we are extending our Model Mania competition. Unfortunately these issues meant that some of you that have taken the test did not have everything you need to get the right answer, and so in the spirit of fairness we have decided to launch a new challenge with a new model now that we have fixed these issues.

To enter the new challenge please follow this link, good luck getting the fastest time and we hope you enjoy putting your skills to the test! Updated competition details below.
Model Mania Competition Extension - New Model, Mor

This is an online competition we will be utilizing our Skills Assessment tool to gather the results. The test is simple, we will present you with a 2D drawing of a single component, you need to model the 3D Part as fast as you can in SOLIDWORKS whilst making sure it is accurate. Then just check the mass and enter it into the assessment tool.

We recommend using a two screen set up and allowing 30 - 45 minutes for you to complete the modelling challenge. Enter here.

The fastest correct time will win a Yawboard, runners up will receive a 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse compact, courtesy of 3Dconnexion.


How do I enter?

Simply visit complete your details in the form and select Model Mania from the list of assessments.

Can I enter more than once?

No, to make the competition fair we will only accept one entry from each person.

Who can enter?

We welcome submissions from anyone however only Solid Solutions customers are eligible for prizes.

What period will the competition run?

The competition will re-open as this blog goes live and will close at the end of the January 14th .

Can I get feedback on my attempt?

To ensure the contest is as fair as possible we will not be providing any feedback on the correct solution until the competition has closed. After that date we will create a further blog showing the correct solution along with some tips on doing it fast, so watch this space…

Any advice before entering?

Speed is key to success here but the answer needs to be exact so don't rush, there's no prize for being close.

Ideally set yourself up with two screens so you can view the drawing on one side and model on the other. As always it's worth taking the time to consider the best starting point for the model, and you should use shortcuts and commands that you are familiar with to get the job done.

To help you get a feel for the process here is our walkthrough for last year's model.

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