Customer Development Events - Getting the most from SOLIDWORKS 2022

Tuesday April 12, 2022 at 12:23pm

The Customer Development team are pleased to announce the return of our extremely popular "Getting the most from SOLIDWORKS" events.

Despite the success of our in-person events, we know that not everyone may be able to attend. But, worry not! We have a great opportunity for you to catch up with the same content covered throughout these sessions in our two upcoming webinars.

Whether or not you have upgraded to SOLIDWORKS 2022 already or previously attended our virtual event in October, now is an ideal time to upgrade your systems and start getting the most out of the latest and best release SOLIDWORKS has to offer, so far!

Customer Development Events - Getting the most fro

These webinars will provide you with a great opportunity to see how the latest enhancements to the software can benefit your business, and discover how you can personally capitalise upon them. This is an opportunity to engage with the Customer Development Team using the live chat option, allowing you to get your questions across and see what other SOLIDWORKS users are asking.

Our webinars will be taking place on the following dates, discussing the Top 10 Enhancements for SOLIDWORKS Users with a sneak peek at what's on the horizon for SOLIDWORKS 2023. Followed by a second webinar explaining how to ensure your SOLIDWORKS is set up correctly.

29th April 2022 | Customer Development Top Ten Enhancements | REGISTER HERE

6th May 2022 | Installing SOLIDWORKS 2022 a 10 step plan | REGISTER HERE

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