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10 Reasons Why You Need to Join the SOLIDWORKS for Startups Programme in 2024

Monday March 4, 2024 at 8:00am

What is the SOLIDWORKS for Startups Programme?

SOLIDWORKS for Startups is a programme offered by Dassault Systèmes, the company behind SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, and is supported by Solid Solutions and the TriMech Group.

The programme is designed to provide support and resources to startup companies up to 5 years old who use SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD for product design and development.

The SOLIDWORKS for Startups programme includes benefits such as discounted or free access to SOLIDWORKS software licenses, technical support, and access to a community of other startups and experts.

The aim is to help startups leverage powerful 3D CAD tools and expert support to bring their innovative ideas to life and accelerate their product development processes.


SOLIDWORKS is widely considered the industry standard 3D CAD software for engineers and designers.

Joining the programme provides startups with access to cutting-edge design and simulation tools, enabling the creation of innovative and high-quality products.

Through the SOLIDWORKS startup scheme, we provide SOLIDWORKS to you for free, for an entire year.

Check out the full list of products included here.


When you are getting started designing your product, accessing the Premium SOLIDWORKS package for free is a no-brainer.

This can significantly reduce the financial burden on startups, allowing for the allocation of resources to other critical aspects of their business.


While most of our Startups find success and the growth to purchase their SOLIDWORKS licenses, there is no obligation to buy the software at the end of the programme.

You’ll have a whole year to discover whether SOLIDWORKS is the right design solution to further your business, and decide if Solid Solutions are the right partner for you.

Meet successful startups who also chose Solid Solutions to partner with.


Startups often face technical challenges during product development.

Through the SOLIDWORKS for Startups programme, we also provide you with free technical support, ensuring that entrepreneurs have access to assistance and guidance from our expert engineers when using the software.

Learn more about our Technical Support team here.

SOLIDWORKS for Startups

The SOLIDWORKS for Startups programme provides new startup companies and individuals with the CAD software, support and guidance to succeed.

Learn more about unlocking your FREE CAD software for a year with the startup programme.


Joining the programme connects startups with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, experts, and professionals.

Networking opportunities can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and valuable insights for business growth.

With a dedicated community on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, you can nurture relationships to benefit your business and career, or find help whenever you need it.


Companies on the SOLIDWORKS for Startups programme gain access to exclusive savings on SOLIDWORKS training courses.

We offer successful applicants 50% off all of our training courses during the first 3 months of their programme to help get you set up and comfortable using the software.

You’ll also find a range of exclusive online training material on our website.


With advanced design and simulation tools at their disposal, startups can streamline and accelerate their product development processes.

This can be crucial in bringing products to market faster, gaining a competitive edge, and meeting investor or market demands.


We offer exclusive customer events for industry professionals to network and develop their skills.

From SOLIDWORKS masterclasses to Technology Showcases, we provide opportunities throughout the year for startups to showcase their work and innovations.

By working with our partners across the UK and Ireland, Solid Solutions can help to bring invaluable visibility to your business so you can attract potential investors, partners, and customers.


SOLIDWORKS for Startups offers a great opportunity to use next-generation design tools on the Cloud, allowing startups to adapt their software usage to the changing needs of their business as it grows.

Utilise subdivision modelling, cloud data management, and enhanced collaboration tools to develop your products with ease.

Discover more about the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and how the SOLIDWORKS Cloud Services can help you streamline your workflow.


By partnering with Solid Solutions, you open up access to the offerings of the wider TriMech Group.

From low-volume plastic part manufacture to 3D printers, scanners, Dell hardware, and advanced simulation services, the TriMech Group provides an unparalleled pool of Engineering & Design resources.

Take advantage of a network of engineering experts and discover how you can elevate your product with the SOLIDWORKS for Startups programme.

Am I Eligible for the SOLIDWORKS for Startups Programme?

Before applying to the SOLIDWORKS for Startups programme, check that you meet the following criteria, successful applicants must:

  • Be a new SOLIDWORKS customer.
  • Have been in business for less than 5 years.
  • Be designing and building a physical product with an aim to sell it in the market.
  • Currently make less than £1 million in revenue.

Full eligibility requirements can be viewed when applying.

If you're unsure about your eligibility, then give us a call on 01926 333777 and we can help to assist you with a free evaluation.

How do I Apply for the SOLIDWORKS for Startups Programme?

Check your business meets the eligibility criteria and browse the products and services offered in the SOLIDWORKS for Startups programme.

To maximise your chances of being approved with your first application, we recommend completing the application form at the bottom of the Startups page.

Our experienced team will then assist you and offer support throughout the application process.

However, if you would prefer to take the initial steps alone, then click here to apply directly via the online registration form on the SOLIDWORKS website.

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