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How is SOLIDWORKS used in Recycling & Waste Management?

Wednesday May 1, 2024 at 8:00am


  1. McDonald International
  2. Turmec Teoranta
  3. FPD Recycling
  4. Kiverco Recycling

Stepping into May 2024, our attention pivots towards recycling and waste management, where innovation and sustainability converge to reshape our daily and commercial practices.

While SOLIDWORKS has long been celebrated for its role in streamlining manufacturing and catalysing new product development, it is also widely used to enhance existing processes in the recycling sector.

From improving material sorting efficiency to facilitating the design of eco-conscious packaging solutions, SOLIDWORKS empowers enterprises to lead the charge in revolutionising recycling practices.

Join us as we explore how technology like SOLIDWORKS is helping to drive impactful change and is shaping the future of waste management & recycling.

McDonald International

Founded in 1990 in Tullamore, Co. Offaly, McDonald International stands as a leading force in recycling and waste management technology in Ireland. With a strong commitment to innovation and continuous training, their plants boast cutting-edge technology, positioning them at the forefront of the industry's evolution.

As a manufacturing company, they take pride in our in-house design and production of components, ensuring quality and reliability in every aspect of their operations.

Serving pillars of the waste, concrete, and aggregate sectors, along with private management firms, our esteemed client roster speaks to our reputation for excellence.


McDonald International utilises SOLIDWORKS for precise 3D modelling and design, ensuring accurate component development, while SOLIDWORKS PDM facilitates streamlined data management, enabling efficient collaboration and version control across their production workflow.

These tools help the company maintain high standards of quality and innovation in the recycling and waste management industry.

Check out the SOLIDWORKS products that help them realise their vision:


To learn more about McDonald International and what they do, visit their website.

Turmec Teoranta

Turmec stands as a world leader in recycling solutions, offering planning, design, manufacturing, installation, and support to waste and recycling industry experts globally.

With over 50 years of industry experience, Turmec designs and develops cutting-edge, bespoke plants, providing a no-risk design solution for new or existing recycling plants as well as for general engineering projects.

Turmec's in-house team of highly skilled engineers and designers can deliver a complete turnkey process, from initial conceptual drawings to a full 3D model.


Turmec leverages SOLIDWORKS for its robust 3D modelling capabilities, enabling their team to design and develop intricate recycling plants tailored to client specifications.

This streamlines their production workflow by providing a comprehensive platform for conceptualisation, design iteration, and finalisation.

Check out the SOLIDWORKS products that help them realise their vision:

SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Design

To learn more about Turmec and what they do, visit their website.

FPD Recycling

FPD Recycling is a leader in revolutionising Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) recycling, turning e-waste into valuable materials.

Their automated solutions ensure safety, profitability, and sustainability. Developed by their technical team, their FPD robotic recycling systems optimise material recovery rates.

Their subscription-based model simplifies WEEE depollution, eliminating manual hazardous component removals, such as mercury tubing from TVs and monitors.


FPD Recycling leverages SOLIDWORKS to design and simulate their automated recycling solutions, streamlining the production workflow.

By utilising SOLIDWORKS' advanced modelling and simulation capabilities, FPD optimises the efficiency and functionality of their robotic recycling systems, ensuring seamless integration into their end-to-end automated solutions.

Check out the SOLIDWORKS products that help them realise their vision:

SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Design

To learn more about FDP Recycling and what they do, visit their website.

Kiverco Recycling Systems Limited

Kiverco Recycling Plant, renowned globally for its durability since 1993, is headquartered in Northern Ireland.

Specialising in tailor-made recycling solutions, Kiverco constructs comprehensive, resilient recycling plants from the ground up, earning the reputation of providing the 'World’s Toughest' facilities.

Additionally, they offer customisable add-ons and replacement modules to optimise existing recycling infrastructures.

Catering to Waste Management Companies, Governments, Local Authorities, and Rental Companies worldwide, Kiverco addresses diverse waste streams including Construction and Demolition (C&D), Commercial and Industrial (C&I), Dry Mixed Recyclables (DMR), Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), and Compost, solidifying their position as leaders in sustainable waste management solutions.


Kiverco optimises production and workflow with SOLIDWORKS, particularly in crafting bespoke recycling solutions.

The software allows for efficient design and simulation of complex recycling plants, aiding in precision and visualisation before production. Detailed 3D models facilitate clear communication with clients, ensuring their requirements are met.

SOLIDWORKS enables rapid iteration for modifications, guaranteeing solutions are tailored to individual needs.

Overall, SOLIDWORKS enhances Kiverco's ability to deliver robust, efficient recycling solutions while streamlining their production processes.

Check out the SOLIDWORKS products that help them realise their vision:

SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Design

To learn more about Kiverco and what they do, visit their website.

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