December Webcasts

Customer Development Team
11:00 – December 13th
Designing better products, faster with Simulation
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Join us as we explore how design integrated structural Simulation can be used to predict product performance, facilitate innovation, and enable validation of your products through a broad range of powerful analysis capabilities. With Simulation available directly inside SOLIDWORKS CAD, designs can be virtually tested, iterations can be evaluated quickly and a project can be optimised prior to a single prototype being manufactured.

As always, our support desk is fully open following the conclusion of the webinar for any queries that require further attention.

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All attendees will be able to pose questions throughout. This online event is complimentary and you can take part in our session by using a Mac, PC or a mobile device.
Dassault Systems
09:30 – December 14th
Introduction to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for SOLIDWORKS
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During this webinar we will provide you an introduction into the new tool for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for SOLIDWORKS users.

With its integration on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, it can help you calculate various sustainability metrics based on the complete lifecycle of your product. Join us for 30 minutes to discover:

  • Its relevance with current European laws
  • Which sustainability models are supported, including EF 3.0, TRACIv2.1, ReCiPe 2016, EPS2020
  • A hands-on demonstration
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All attendees will be able to pose questions throughout. This online event is complimentary and you can take part in our session by using a Mac, PC or a mobile device.
Customer Development Team
11:00 – December 20th
Working with Large Assemblies in SOLIDWORKS
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SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD can handle assemblies of 1,000s of parts, and intuitive assembly tools make it easy to assemble, view, document, and manage these large designs. From system settings and document properties to assembly file structure and machine hardware, there are a variety of factors that control the efficiency of working with large assemblies and it’s these aspects that we are going to be looking at during this webcast. Join us for this complimentary webcast and learn how to reduce open and rebuild times, maximise system resources, and optimise model manipulation, followed by a live Q and A with one of our Elite SOLIDWORKS Certified Engineers.

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All attendees will be able to pose questions throughout. This online event is complimentary and you can take part in our session by using a Mac, PC or a mobile device.

Monthly Webcasts for New Users

Building Your Foundation
10 January 3pm - 4pm
Episode 1
For an optimal experience using SOLIDWORKS it is important to configure your computer and SOLIDWORKS settings in the most robust way possible.

This webinar introduces you to the concept of data management, discusses best practice for your computer setup and explores the resources available to you from TriMech and Solid Solutions.
Workflows & Templates
17 January 3pm - 4pm
Episode 2
Knowing how to effectively use templates in SOLIDWORKS can help you save time with every project and reduces the chance of making mistakes.

In this webinar we will teach you how to correctly link your parts and drawings’ meta data and how to optimise your SOLIDWORKS settings.
Using Your Data
13 December 3pm - 4pm
Episode 3
In the previous sessions, we have covered techniques for how to optimise your hardware and software and shown how to create and store your designs efficiently.

In this webinar, we will explore some of the ways you can make use of your SOLIDWORKS models including how to virtually test your designs, efficiently share data and create photorealistic imagery of your products.
Making the Most of the Platform
20 December 3pm - 4pm
Episode 4
In this final episode we explore how to go take advantage of cloud functionality that links directly to SOLIDWORKS through your web browser.

These tools can enable you to store, share and manage data efficiently, as well as providing a connection to a range of powerful browser-based tools.
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