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What's New

Explore the new power and performance in SOLIDWORKS 2019 and quickly turn your ideas into finished products. The top enhancements for SOLIDWORKS 2019 provide improvements to existing products and innovative new functionality. Watch our guide to the Top 10 new enhancements below, download the pdf or take your own tour using our brand new virtual walkthrough. For current users we have a What's New Webcast series specifically to help you integrate these enhancements into your workflow. 

Top 10 New Enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2019

1. Graphical Performance

SOLIDWORKS  have been working extremely closely with their hardware partners to deliver greater graphical performance when working with large assemblies. 2019 features better performance for graphics without the need to use the large assembly mode, this improves the speed at which you can pan, zoom and rotate when working with assemblies with a large number of components.

2. Structure System 

The new structure system tool allows you to create frame styled geometry even faster than before. Removing the need for complex 3D sketches, this brilliant new tool allows the selection of lines, edges, planes, points and even the intersection of planes to define member positions! Multiple profiles can be used within a single feature and trim Combine this selection process with the added ability to have different profiles within a single feature and I’m sure everyone will agree that this is fantastic improvement for fabrication design.

3. 3D Texture 

Modelling 3D textured geometry is time consuming and can often lead to involved surface models which become large and complex. 3D Textures are a brand new way of simplifying the creation of this type of geometry. Rather than having to model every knurl, bump or dimple, 3D Textures map an image file onto the 3D model and allow you to manipulate the position, scale and intensity of the texture.

4. Ai Denoiser 

SOLIDWORKS  Visualize has seen some great developments over the last year, and a feature introduced at 2018 SP3 is the AI Denoiser. This tool uses artificial intelligence to predict what the final render will look like without having to create hundreds or thousands of render passes. With denoiser enabled, render times can be up to 10x faster, allowing for more rendered images to be created, or even the production of an animation!

5. Large Design Review 

Large Design review now features an all new ‘edit mode.’ This mode allows you to add Mates, use magnetic mates and access configurations without the need to fully resolve the model. And what’s more, all of these changes are saved to file for when the model is next opened fully resolved.

6. Mesh Slicing 

SOLIDWORKS 2018 added a range of new functionality to help us work with imported mesh data, and this has been further developed in 2019, with the ability to create mesh slices. A mesh slice allows you to automatically create intermediary profiles of a mesh body without the need to manually create planes or sketches. These profiles can then be used to recreate solid or surface geometry. This functionality is ideal for reverse engineering or the design of ergonomic products, such as this handle.

7. Silhouette Defeature 

The defeature tool in SOLIDWORKS has been greatly improved in the latest SOLIDWORKS release. The new silhouette option gives the user much more control over how certain shapes are simplified, as well as the ability for the defeatured files to be associated back to the original. These tools allow engineers to easily manage their files complexity and also maintain their IP when sharing data.

8. Bill Of Materials Thumbnails 

The SOLIDWORKS  Bill of Materials is a powerful piece of functionality that automatically generates a parts list from an assembly. This list can now be saved out into excel with the addition of a thumbnail of each part and sub-assembly required. This allows anyone viewing the Bill of Materials to be a lot better equipped to inter-operate the information in front of them.

9. eDrawings 

With eDrawings pro you can now publish your files to a new web based format called web-html,  this removes the need to download the eDrawings viewer . This is a much simpler way to collaborate with your suppliers and customers. Additionally eDrawings now has the capability to view, ACIS, Parasolid, JT, NX, and Solid Edge files and all the functionality of eDrawings pro 2018, is now available in eDrawings standard 2019.

10. Touch & Gesture Sketching

2019 adds additional functionality for touch and gesture sketching. Splines, slots and ellipses are now all supported, allowing you to capture the exact design you want when using a touch device. Dimensions sketched on screen are now converted into driving dimensions and at assembly level, mates can now be added and the motion of the assembly can also be dynamically driven.