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Professional Services



We are a solutions and service provider, delivering end-to-end, digital workflow, providing digital continuity across all computer-aided engineering – from initial design concept through to full life-cycle management.

What does Professional Services mean?

Whilst SOLIDWORKS software has always been part of our core offering, more and more customers are looking for ways to leverage their investment to make the most of these fundamental tools. SOLIDWORKS is extremely configurable with a very comprehensive API and is surrounded by a suite of highly capable partner products. Our Professional Services team is world class in configuring and customising these applications to work together to give your business it's competitive edge

Who are the Professional Services Team?

Our Professional Services team is drawn from across our hundreds of employees to bring together the best blend of experience, technical expertise and a deeper understanding of customer needs. The overall team is made up of groups of specific service experts from FEA/CFD engineers, data specialists, programmers and consultants to make sure we deliver the best-in-class solutions you need.

What services do we offer?

The Professional Services broadly fit into the following six categories:

  • CAD Management
  • Rendering and Animation Services
  • PDM Implementation
  • Simulation Services
  • Design Automation
  • Customisation and Programming
The details of each service can be found below.


CAD Management

For the smooth running of any design department, you need to make sure all your engineers are working in a consistent manner. We can show your CAD/ Drawing team how to use the best tools and options within SOLIDWORKS, making their workflow as seamless as possible. We cover subjects such as, CAD vendor interaction, workstation optimisation, CAD guidelines advice, software deployment strategy and more.

Rendering and Animation
PDM Implementation

We offer both bespoke and configured solutions for companies that design and manufacture including other processes and departments within that organisation. We are able to automate the push and pull of data into other systems such as ERP, PDM and CRM platforms. Furthermore, we can create macros that work within SOLIDWORKS and DriveWorks to manage data through post-generative tasks to speed up design task even further or to meet very customer specific needs. All PDM (Product Data Management) offerings are tightly integrated into SOLIDWORKS allowing your team to focus on design and innovation instead of time-consuming administration. With our implementation services we save you the hassle of launching your PDM system on your own.

Simulation Services
Design Automation

Automate repetitive tasks and free up time for your designers and engineers to work on product development and innovation. Using DriveWorks as our tool of choice, we offer you support with everything from complete software implementation and training, to full turnkey solutions for design automation. Our customers claim design automation has had a transformative effect in their companies’ culture, allowing their teams to be more creative and productive, as well helping keep product knowledge and data within the company, not just in the hands of a few employees.

Customisation and Programming
Ready to talk?

Our priority is to always provide you with the right solution and delivering it to meet your exact needs. Design Automation is about enablement, empowering you to take control and build on the platform we deliver and train you in. The first step is always to talk. One of our consultants will meet you to learn about your business and discuss our various, proven implementation methods. From this meeting we will put a proposal together for you to consider and we take it from there.