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With over 35 years of experience, the TriMech Group offers a comprehensive range of design, engineering, staffing and manufacturing solutions backed by experience and expertise that is unrivalled in the industry. The TriMech Group's solutions are delivered by the divisions and brands shown here, use the links above to visit the group's websites and learn more.


in the Oil & Gas Industry

Within the Oil and Gas Energy Industry new competition from technological breakthroughs, increasingly tight design deadlines, rising demands for safety and reliability as well as pro-environment government legislations are just a few of the Macro Critical Business Issues faced on a regular basis.

SOLIDWORKS' expansive range of integrated product development solutions help your business meet these challenges. Improve and increase the efficiency of the product development process and allow you business to truly develop with SOLIDWORKS.

SOLIDWORKS can offer real solutions to the challenges faced by various members of the production team.

Challenges and Solutions for...

Managing Director

Meet customer demands whilst maintaining budgets and constantly increasing profitability.


CAD Solution

Breakthroughs in technology

SOLIDWORKS provides effective modelling tools which allows users to create various configurations of designs, allowing for designs to be quickly evaluated. SOLIDWORKS Simulation packages allow for designs to be tested to be quickly assessed without the need for costly prototyping which in turn can shorten time to market.

Large scale customer take up

SOLIDWORKS can aid return on investment on costly product production. Simulation can lower prototyping costs whilst design checkers allow for costs to be constantly monitored throughout.

Head of Engineering

Manage quality, reliability and safety whilst shortening design cycle time and costs.


CAD Solution

Removing issues caused by inefficient data transportability

SOLIDWORKS allows you to use the same model throughout the product development process taking it from original concept design through to product simulation analysis through to design drawings and manufacture.

Keep track of existing designs including all legacy data

SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM allows you to instantly access previous revisions, costs, review data and various legacy designs allowing for any previous data to be maintained and monitored.

Too much time wasted on repetitive tasks

SOLIDWORKS allows for optimised workflow focusing on certain tasks eg. piping, tubing, weldments, structural sheet metal alongside various partner products such as BuiltWorks and CircuitWorks

Communicate design concepts to customers and supply chain.

SOLIDWORKS allows for various accessible portable visualisation technology to convey design concepts. SOLIDWORKS Composer demonstrates various assembly modes and configurations as well as walkthroughs and product interactions. With the ability to save in a variety of non SOLIDWORKS formats, making it accessible to non-CAD users.


Produce products which meet engineering specifications whilst concentrating on ROI


CAD Solution

Produce products which meet engineering specifications whilst concentrating on Return on Investment

SOLIDWORKS has the capability to machine directly from the 3D model thanks to SOLIDWORKS partner products such as SolidCAM and CAMWorks. Producing directly from 3D CAD models reduces time wasted on bureaucracy whilst ensuring any drawing miscommunications can be dramatically reduced.

Ensure there is no confusion over which version or revision of the part should be produced

SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM allows admin to control content access to ensure any changes are made to the correct version thus reducing the risk of mistake and confusion. Strict content control also ensures only the appropriate team members have access to specific content.

Ensure assemblies are produced and assembled as designed

SOLIDWORKS Composer provides guidance provision to manufacturers to ensure correct product assembly and testing, clear visuals reduce the need for multiple design translation whilst the ability to save out into various file formats makes it accessible to non CAD users.

Design Engineer

Produce designs which meet performance cost and timing specifications.


CAD Solution

Make use of both legacy ideas and new perspectives to create new products

SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM archives previous designs making it easy to access past data where relevant to new designs. SOLIDWORKS intuitive user interface allows for engineers to immediately get to grips with SOLIDWORKS powerful modelling capabilities.

Create a product which can be efficiently manufactured

SOLIDWORKS has a series of design checkers which can be utilised during the CAD modelling process to ensure a design is fit for manufacture. SOLIDWORKS partner products such as SOLIDCAM and CAMWorks enable CNC machining to be ran directly from the SOLIDWORKS CAD model.

Excessive time spent on engineering drawing creation, management and updating

SOLIDWORKS automatic design creation and documentation dramatically reduces time spent producing technical drawings whilst associative links between the CAD model and drawing ensures that any changes to the model are automatically updated across all technical drawings.

Forecast how design will perform in extreme environments

SOLIDWORKS Simulation is seamlessly integrated into the modelling process allowing for flow, heat, structural and motion analysis to be undertaken throughout the design process allowing for any necessary amendments to be made accordingly.

Clear, concise correlation between product design and manufacture

SOLIDWORKS provides strong links between design and manufacturing data allowing changes in design to automatically inform and update manufacturing documentation.

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