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With over 35 years of experience, the TriMech Group offers a comprehensive range of design, engineering, staffing and manufacturing solutions backed by experience and expertise that is unrivalled in the industry. The TriMech Group's solutions are delivered by the divisions and brands shown here, use the links above to visit the group's websites and learn more.

Point of Sale


How does CAD help Point of Sale?
Design and display better products with SOLIDWORKS
Displaying your products in the best possible way is vital in today's competitive market. Although a product might be the best, it doesn’t mean consumers will select it if it doesn’t draw them in.

Point of Sale is common in any retailer worldwide, and with the assistance of SOLIDWORKS you can elevate your designs, but also innovate new ways to create displays to entice consumers to buy a product, including simulating real-life loads to ensure the safety viability of your designs. We can also work out ergonomics, create flat patterns and full cut-lists, and even an automated costing tool too. No more finger in the air guessing.
Unified Solution
Both the Creative team and the Technical Development team can use SOLIDWORKS to create their designs. The Creative team can produce beautiful photographic quality, photo-realistic models using SOLIDWORKS Visualize, whilst the Technical team can use this same model to either create technical drawings, or simply computer code for manufacture.
Simple Imports/Exports
SOLIDWORKS can import data from various sources to accommodate models from different design packages. As well as being able to import, SOLIDWORKS can export in various production formats to include DXF, 3D printing and CAM programming.
Design Insights
Evaluate your designs to check for interferences, clearances, weights and more. Test and optimise your more complex products virtually using the built in finite element analysis tools. Explore your designs as a customer would see them using walkthroughs and even delve into VR using eDrawings and SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional.
SOLIDWORKS Tools and Solutions for Point of Sale design
Using core functionality that SOLIDWORKS has to offer such as sheet metal, weldments, indent, creating parametric models is made easy. Premium tools such as Surface flatten can be useful to calculate nets of complex geometry.
Visualize allows you to create impressive photorealistic images and animations, these can be integrated into your models for further illustrations purposes. It is a powerful tool with excellent flexibility and a great source for your sales and marketing teams.
Create detailed technical communication illustrations with SOLIDWORKS Composer directly from your CAD data. The link between CAD data and your illustrations is synchronized helping you to save time after model updates and even allowing you start the process before the model has been finalised.
Indent Tool
SOLIDWORKS has exceptional tools to allow for the accurate placement of models in the display unit. Intuitive tools make it simple to generate indents from your models whether are imported or native SOLIDWORKS files. A range of commands exist to make modelling efficient such as the patterning tools used to complete this design.
Beneath the facade of the display some structure is usually present to add strength to design. Weldments helps you to create frameworks quickly and automatically generates a detailed cutlist for you. Members can be trimmed automatically against each other and controlled with the corner treatment tool.
Sheet Metal
With SOLIDWORKS Sheet metal you can create nets of shelves, packaging or entire units. Material k-factors can be amended to suit a variety of materials, not just metal and bend allowances are taken into consideration to ensure accurate results.
SOLIDWORKS Users in your Industry
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Assemble and test your designs virtually

Assemble and test your designs virtually
Create clear assembly instructions
Explore different layouts
Generate photo realistic images
Convey your ideas clearly
Build your environments
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