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With over 35 years of experience, the TriMech Group offers a comprehensive range of design, engineering, staffing and manufacturing solutions backed by experience and expertise that is unrivalled in the industry. The TriMech Group's solutions are delivered by the divisions and brands shown here, use the links above to visit the group's websites and learn more.

Sheet Metal and Fabrication


How does SOLIDWORKS Benefit Fabricators?
Streamline the Design and Validation of Components
SOLIDWORKS is especially suited for fabrication, the standard parametric modelling tools are versatile and easy to learn and the specialized command sets take it to the next level. Tools such as weldments and sheet metal further streamline the creation of common part types with functionality that is tailored to the industry. Creating and detailing engineering drawings is far and if any changes need to be made to the model then all design documentation will simultaneously update - perfect for the modern, fast paced design environment.
Streamlined Production
SOLIDWORKS makes it simple to export your designs to DXF/DWG and many other file formats, your flat pattens or profiles can then be easily transferred to a laser/plasma cutter. Take your 3D models directly to manufacture with 3D printing or by using the knowledge based CAM solution built into SOLIDWORKS.
Multibody Design
Sheet metal and fabrication work usually requires several individual pieces interacting together, to either be secured together or joined together by welding. Designing in a multibody environment makes it straightforward to ensure that points and holes line up correctly.
Interference Detection
With the built in interference detection function, you are able to quickly and easily identify problematic areas that could prevent the assembly of a design. This helps to reduce the cost of waste material and time spent rectifying, allowing designs to be assembled in situ much more efficiently.
SOLIDWORKS Tools and Solutions for Fabrication
SOLIDWORKS Professional
SOLIDWORKS Professional bundles together design tools such as weldments, sheet metal and toolbox with powerful rendering capabilities from SOLIDWORKS Visualize. This package has the tools you need to design virtually part you need to create whether that means modular items, variations on existing designs or one off custom pieces.
Having SOLIDWORKS Visualize at your disposal can give you the edge over your competitors by enabling you to create photo realistic renders and market content to showcase your designs. Easy to learn and fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS Professional, Visualize is a great asset for any SOLIDWORKS designer.
SOLIDWORKS Toolbox is an extra piece of functionality that comes with SOLIDWORKS Professional, it provides a huge library of standard fastenings that can be applied to your assemblies quickly ensuring correct sized nuts, bolts, washers that automatically align with the holes in your design.
Sheet Metal
SOLIDWORKS features a range of intuitive sheet metal commands that allow a flexible approach to your design process. With customisable bend tables, K-factor and bend allowance controls you can ensure accurate flat patterns, these can be displayed on detailed engineering drawings, or exported to DXF/DWG with just a couple of clicks.
From balconies, to staircases, to fencing, to piping skids, Weldments is an amazing time saver when it comes to working with structural members. Using custom or standard beam profiles you can quickly construct frames that all join, trim and update together. Detailed cutlists for quantities and dimensions are automatically generated from your Weldment features.
Create your detailed engineering drawings directly from your models by simply dragging and dropping views onto your sheets. The drawings and model are linked so you never need to worry about producing an out of date drawing. Import the dimensions used to create your model directly into your drawings and add any other information with the simple to use annotation tools. Detailing your drawings has never been so fast.
SOLIDWORKS Users in your Industry
Customer Case Study - JM Adventure
  • SOLIDWORKS allows them to design something unique to fit any space. With the detailed fabrication drawings, the designs can be clearly communicated to the fabrication team.
  • JM Adventure needed a conceptual system to put ideas into context and with the assistance of renders it is easy to display their designs in a 3D space.
  • Design times have been improved and cost savings have been made by building a catalogue of parts that can be reused across projects.
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Assemble and test your designs virtually

Create realistic textures and visuals
Design efficiently with patterns and library features
Versatile modelling tools
Automatically generated cutlists
Assemble and validate your designs virtually
Export flat patterns with a couple of clicks
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