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SOLIDWORKS Elite Specialists

API Advanced Training Agenda

This course covers advanced topics using VB.Net to customise the SOLIDWORKS User Interface and adding notifications. This course follows directly from the API Fundamentals course, the first 8 lessons of our API Training Agenda are covered during the Fundamentals course.


In Lesson 9, users will learn to use the SOLIDWORKS API SDK to develop add ins for SOLIDWORKS in VB.Net, C#. Designing add ins will give users the functionality to build and group multiple functions and procedures, which an end user will interact with via a graphical interface or custom toolbar.

Lesson 10: Customizing the SOLIDWORKS User Interface

Lesson 10 covers customizing add ins created in lesson 9 and creating custom toolbars for the add in within the SOLIDWORKS user interface. This lesson will also cover the creation and implementation of a custom property manager page with custom controls.

Lesson 11: Notifications

In Lesson 11, users will modify the add-in to wait for Notifications from SOLIDWORKS, this will teach users to understand which SOLIDWORKS objects support notifications and teach users how the add-in wizard handles document level event handlers.