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Lesson Agenda
Lesson 1: Installation Planning: - This lesson will look at planning out the Data Management cycle and Implementation process. Users will also learn the scenario used for this course. 

Lesson 2: The Administration Tool - During this lesson, users will create a new SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Vault and attach a local client view to the new Vault. 

Lesson 3: Users and Groups - In lesson 3 you will create new users in the vault & set the login method. Groups will be created and Users added to these. Group level permissions will also be set. 

Lesson 4: Folder Card Creation - Understand how cards work within PDM. Attendees will create Folder Cards from scratch and will create and assign variables to the cards. Serial number setup for unique part numbering will also be explored. 

Lesson 5: File and Search Cards - Attendees will learn how to import cards into the PDM Vault & make changes. Control Logic will be added to cards to limit visibility dependant on options selected. Time will also be spent setting up quick search functionality. 

Lesson 6: Column and Bill of Materials (BOM) Views - Learn how to create a File List Column set to dictate the way PDM Columns will show within Windows Explorer for users. Create a BOM Column set to be used within the Windows Explorer view of PDM. 

Lesson 7: Workflow - Create a Workflow to represent the entire internal workflow structure of files practised in the training scenario. Create Categories to automatically assign files to the relevant workflow. Add States and Transitions to allow the movement of files through the Workflow. Add permissions to the previously created States and Transitions to restrict Users and groups access to each stage of the Workflow. Create and apply a Revision Scheme to the Workflow. Time will also be spent looking at Automatic & Parallel Transitions.

Lesson 8: Notifications and Tasks- During lesson 8, users will configure automatic notifications to be sent during file life cycles (Attached to workflow). We will explore how to set up Tasks in the Vault and how to attach them to Workflow Transitions. Attendees will also learn how to Configure Machines to be used to run tasks.

Lesson 9: Folder Templates - We will create a mock project folder hierarchy, to aid the automatic creation of folder structures. We will also look to create and assign Template Variables that map back to standard PDM Variables to automatically propagate Data Cards. 

Lesson 10: File Templates - Learn to create two file templates for SOLIDWORKS files and alternative file type. Furthermore, create and assign Template Variables that will map back to the PDM Variables to propagate Data Cards. 

Lesson 11: Data Migration - Time will be spent looking at the best workflow to bring in legacy data into the Vault on a case by case basis and setting Metadata to correct values.

Lesson 12: Vault Backup - Understand the process to backup both the Archive Server and the Database for the PDM Vault. 

Course Details
Length: 3 Days

Prerequisites: A sound knowledge of the Windows explorer environment.
A basic knowledge of the SOLIDWORKS user interface is useful but not a requirement


The focus of this course is on the fundamental skills and concepts central to the successful use of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. The intended audience for this course is anyone who will manage files with SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and will setup and/or administer SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.

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