Training Agenda

Lesson Agenda
Introduction: - About This Course | Windows 7.

Lesson 1: Installation Planning - Gather the required information needed to plan a SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard installation | Understand the scenario used for this course.

Lesson 2: The Administration Tool - Start the SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard Administration tool | Identify the major sections of the Administration tool | Create a new SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard vault | Create a local view of a SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard vault.

Lesson 3: Users and Groups - Add new users and groups to the vault | Create and apply permissions to users | Create and apply permissions to groups

Lesson 4: Folder Card Creation - Understand the differences between the various types of cards | Create new cards | Understand the use of variables | Create variables | Export cards

Lesson 5: File and Search Cards - Modify existing cards | Import Cards

Lesson 6: Column and Bill of Materials (BOM) Views - Create custom Column view | Create custom BOM View

Lesson 7: Workflow - Create revision numbers and revision number components | Create a workflow to manage files | Use transition properties to control revision schemes.

Lesson 8: Notifications - Create automatic notifications.

Lesson 9: Data Migration - Import Legacy data into the newly created vault.

Lesson 10: Vault Backup - Understand the requirements for performing a complete back up of a SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard vault.
Course Details
Length: 2 Days

Prerequisites: This course is aimed at the person(s) who will be managing/ administrating the PDM system within the organisation. Familiarity with the Windows operating system is required.


SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard is a data management software suite working within a Windows Explorer environment, it is included in all SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium licenses from version 2016. The course content is aimed at the system administrator, and will cover the capabilities of the PDM Standard system.