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Lesson Agenda
Lesson 1 – Creating a Group and Project - Creating a group and project ready to work with your data. Allow learn how to pack and go your files ready to back up/move to new locations.

Lesson 2 – Getting Data into DriveWorks - Importing tabular data from other sources such as Excel or SQL into DriveWorks to use in your projects.

Lesson 3 - Form Controls and Data Input - Start building a user interface by creating form controls to allow the input of data, build properties for each control and gain understanding of how to select the appropriate controls for different applications.

Lesson 4 – Using Rules in DriveWorks - Understand what DriveWorks Rules are and use the built in DriveWorks rules Builder to create new rules.

Lesson 5 – Linking Data to Controls and using lists - Extract values from existing data already imported in to DriveWorks and then sort lists using that data.

Lesson 6 – Setting up pricing using calculation tables - Creation of calculation tables then within those build rules for individual cells and full columns.

Lesson 7 – Modular form design - Use more advanced form controls to further expand the user interface. Split up existing forms to create extra pages to navigate through.

Lesson 8 – Specification macros - Create and Edit Specification Macros, add those to the forms to allow more control over each part. Setup In-Form Navigation so a customer has a defined way to proceed between controls.

Lesson 9 – File Outputs - Create a Word document that DriveWorks can automate. Using the data already created and more, DriveWorks will automate the creation of a Word documents and allow it to change based on the inputs on the form.

Lesson 10 – Reskinning form controls - Adding images to the forms, apply background colours and generally reskin the form to either match a web site theme, company branding or just make it more aesthetically pleasing and engaging.

Lesson 11 – Create and drive excel and BOM documents. - Create an Excel document that DriveWorks can automate. Using the data already created and more, DriveWorks will automate the creation of an Excel documents and allow it to change based on the inputs on the form.

Lesson 12 – Parent and child specifications - Setting up and build an understanding of a Parent and child Project relationship. Passing data down from the Parent Project to the Child Project and vice versa.

Lesson 13 – Workflows - Create a workflow to control who can create what and when they can do it. Set up different properties to control what information the administrators can see from each specification that is ran.

Lesson 14 – Data validation and feedback - Validate the data being input to the control and show warnings based on that validation if necessary.

Lesson 15 – Emails - Create a standard email document and learn how to automate this process while adding attachments to the emails.

Lesson 16 – HTML emails - Add HTML styling to the email documents from the previous lesson, attaching images to the email body such as signatures and modifying the fonts of each line in the email.

Lesson 17 – Permissions and security -Create new users and teams and add permissions to the workflow based on which user is logged in or which team they are part of.

Lesson 18 – DriveWorks Live - Run your DriveWorks project in a browser using Personal Web Edition to see how will look like live on your website.
Course Details
Length: 2 Days


DriveWorks Pro allows you to create your own custom configurators and automate your business processes. This course focuses on how to build a front-end Sales Configurator tool for your website and does not involve the use of CAD. It will delve into the user interface and user experience of your Sales Configurator while automating all the necessary information to create quotations, bill of materials, spreadsheets and more. DriveWorks will be able to connect to your ERP, CRM, or other database sources to always keep your costing and data up to date. To learn how to use DriveWorks to automate your CAD creation, please refer to our DriveWorks Pro Essentials and DriveWorks Pro Advanced courses.

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