Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS


Lesson Agenda
Lesson 1: User Interface Navigation - The first lesson of this course teaches the user how to navigate the user interface.

Lesson 2: Data Types - In lesson 2, the user will learn how to identify the different types of data such as point cloud, mesh, solid and surface bodies and how the software will display.

Lesson 3: Point Cloud & Polygon Editing – Align Data - In lesson 3, users will discover how to edit scans and then align multiple scans together to form a single composite scan.

Lesson 4: Reference Geometry and Regions - Upon completion of lesson 4, the user will be able to add various reference geometries as well as understand what regions are and how to use them for selections.

Lesson 5: Scan to Origin Alignment - In lesson 5, the user will be taught how to align their scan data to the X,Y, Z axis of the modelling space to position the data correctly to the origin.

Lesson 6: Auto Surfacing - Lesson 6 gives the user an understanding of different methods of creating and using auto surfacing tools.

Lesson 7: Cross Section Tool - In lesson 7, the user will become familiar with using cross section tool to generate profiles that can be used to form the basis of features in design intent models.

Lesson 8: Modelling Wizard - This lesson will explore some of the modelling wizards which will speed up the time taken to generate features by guiding the user through the process step by step.

Lesson 9: Deviation Analysis - Lesson 9 focuses on how the user can check their model against the original scan data to make sure that things have been drawn accurately generating deviation maps.

Lesson 10: End to End Hybrid Modelling - The final lesson of this course takes the user through the entire process of creating a part from scratch using all the techniques discussed in previous lessons.
Course Details
Length: 1 Day

  • Experience with the Windows™ operating system
  • Basic experience with SOLIDWORKS
Description: Our G4SW training is a one-day course covering the basic workflows and commands of the G4SW add-in. During this course you’ll learn how to use G4SW to use scan data as the basis for CAD modelling in SOLIDWORKS.

The training will cover the following topics:
  • Scanning
  • Registering scan data
  • Aligning scan data
  • Editing Mesh models
  • Geomagic modelling tools
  • Autosurfacing

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