SOLIDWORKS Elite Specialists

Model Based Definition MBD Agenda

Length: 1 day

Prerequisites: Mechanical design experience; experience with the Windows® operating system.

Description: SOLIDWORKS MBD teaches you how to use Model Based definition software to present product and manufacturing information (PMI) within 3D PDF and eDrawings files.

Lesson 1 – What is SOLIDWORKS MBD?

In the first lesson of this course the user will be taught how to prepare geometry for a 3D PDF file and understand how DimXpert is used. They will also learn about the role of annotation views, the concept of a 3D view and how to publish to a 3D PDF.

Lesson 2 – Using DimXpert

Upon completion of lesson 2 the user will be able to recognise DimXpert annotations and selections as well as generate tolerance schemes automatically and analyse the state of constraint.

Lesson 3 – Adding Size and Location Dimensions

In lesson 3 the user will learn how to manually create DimXpert annotations including datum’s, dimensions, and geometric tolerances. They will also be taught about special selection techniques as well as how to create a 2D PDF with DimXpert annotations.

Lesson 4 – Turned Parts

In Lesson 4 the user is taught how to use DimXpert with a turned part, how to create plus and minus style tolerances and understand tolerance rule checking.

Lesson 5 – Annotation Views

Lesson 5 teaches the user about annotation views and how to manipulate them. The user will learn how to reassign dimensions to different annotation views and create new annotation views.

Lesson 6 – Capturing 3D views

Upon completion of lesson 6 the user will be able to create 3D views for both parts and assemblies, create a broken view and make use of feature and reference dimensions.

Lesson 7 – Publishing PDF and eDrawings Files

In lesson 7 the user will learn how to publish part and assemblies to 3D PDF and eDrawings files. They will also be taught how to manipulate a 3D view in a 3D PDF file.

Lesson 8 – 3D PDF Template Editor

Lesson 8 introduces the user to the 3D PDF template editor, they will learn how to use and modify a 3D PDF template.