Design Automation Webinar


Offering customised products is a great competitive differentiator. It often leads to more sales, higher revenues, and happy customers.

Webinar: Introduction to Design Automation

Date: Thursday 19th April 2018
Time: 11:00am
Length: 30-40 minutes
Presenter: Paul Churm

By implementing design automation, engineer-to-order manufacturers can complete days of custom engineering in just minutes. Design automation also expedites and simplifies the creation of software models, drawings, quote documents, manufacturing data-virtually any requirement of the custom sales process.

As the UK's largest and most successful CAD reseller, Solid Solutions Management is able to introduce you to the latest technology for automating your design processes.We have witnessed first hand how our customers have deployed our design automation solutions and how this technology has become instrumental to their success.

Join us this April for a free 30 minute webinar introducing design automation. Product manager Paul Churm will use real examples to show design automation from the simplest uses through to powerful website configurators that customers can use to build and place orders for your products.

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