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SOLIDWORKS Elite Specialists

3D Walk Through

Using SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD you can increase your efficiency, provide insight into your design ideas and demonstrate how your design works by taking a real-time, simulated tour of your design or by recording a video.

You have the option to explore your 3D virtual design at eye level or you can also hover above the ground. SOLIDWORKS 3D allows you to:

  • Travel around your design in the standard mode or you can use the rapid, large design review mode
  • Control how you move around the design using either your mouse or keyboard controls
  • Set and follow a predetermined path through your design which is especially useful for track mounted equipment (for example, rollercoasters)
  • Tour anywhere in your design from the floor, ground, or surface
  • Get an aerial view of your design from above
  • Save a specific path through your design, enabling you to follow it again later
  • Record a video of your journey which you can share with others