Manufacturing Ready Output

SOLIDWORKS Capabilities

What outputs can I use to manufactured?
Send design data directly with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD
Improve productivity, reduce costs and hasten your time-to-market by exporting numerous other types of manufacturing-ready data directly for your 3D model and 2D drawings using SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software.

SOLIDWORKS offers automatic output of hole charts, weld tables, cut lists, punch tool tables, and CNC pipe bending data to drive production machinery.

Essential features to streamline production groundwork includes:
  • SOLIDWORKS drawings for construction
  • Assembly drawings comprising exploded assembly views and linked bill of materials (BOM)
  • 3D models and 2D drawings demonstrating varying stages of manufacturing and machining
  • Transfer any drawing table data in Microsoft® Excel® or *.CSV formats
  • Output tube/pipe bending statistics for CNC benders
  • Export 3D piping isometric data in *.PCF format

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