What is Large Assembly Design?
Makes working with large assemblies simple

Large Assembly design tools simplify the assembly process allowing for straight forward creation, management and visualisation of designs which can contain upwards of 100,000 parts.

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD makes working with large assemblies simple. Capable of dealing with assemblies of 100,000+ parts, SOLIDWORKS’ assembly features make it easy to manage, assemble, view and document large designs thus accelerating the design process and saving both time and development costs.

Key Features
As the size and complexity of your design increases so too do the benefits of 3D modelling, enabled by a vast range of large assembly design tools:
  • Configurations allow for numerous versions of a product to be created quickly without the need to recreate the entire model.
  • When an assembly reaches a certain number of components Large Assembly Mode is activated to increase software performance, number of components can be amended to suit each company’s requirements.
  • Large Design Review is the quickest way to view and investigate a large assembly by streamlining the overview. AssemblyXpert offers recommendations to the user, such as SOLIDWORKS performance settings to speed up large assembly design.
  • Exploded views document and explain your product design providing resources for planning for downstream manufacturing steps.

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