Reverse Engineering

Streamline the design process using SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD to generate new designs—or recreate existing ones—based on designs that already exist. Reverse engineering can increase the speed of product development as well as increasing efficiency and lessening the risk.

Reverse engineering tools include:

  • ScanTo3D which allows you to import, manage, evaluate, and create solid geometry from scanned point cloud and mesh data
  • Surfacing Tools that assist you in the creation and editing of complex geometry, including elegant, curve-continuous (C2) surfaces
  • Transfer and reuse concepts generated with Adobe® Illustrator®
  • Auto Trace enables you to import image files of paper sketches to initiate your design (with raster to vector conversion)
  • Transform imported data to native SOLIDWORKS file format
  • Geometry comparison tools to better comprehend a variety of scanned designs
  • Mould design tools to create the essential tooling which is needed to produce plastic, cast, forged, and other parts
  • Export data for very quick prototyping

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