Cloud Data Management


What is Cloud Data Management?
CAD Intelligent Online File Storage and Management
3DEXPERIENCE allows you to store and manage data in the cloud, enabling you to access to your designs from any device. Unlike other cloud storage tools 3DEXPERIENCE is CAD intelligent, this means it understands the links between files and allows you to view those files in 3D from within your browser.
The Platform also provides revision management, access control and an approval process. By storing revisions you're able to view and roll back to previous versions of your files, using access control ensures your files are only shared with right people and the approval process helps you to make sure all the correct steps during a part's design lifecycle.
Key Benefits
Cloud Data Management

Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS
Connects SOLIDWORKS directly with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform allowing for real-time, safe, concurrent design across distributed teams. Collaborative Industry Innovator is a requirement for this role.
Apps with this role
  • SOLIDWORKS Connector
  • Import from Legacy DS Systems
  • Derived Format Converter

A SOLIDWORKS add-in that is used to the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. The add-in can be used to access the functionality of the Collaborative Industry Innovator directly within SOLIDWORKS.

Derived Format Converter

The Derived Format Converter for SOLIDWORKS provides the capability to generate a derived format for each configuration from the corresponding SOLIDWORKS part. 3DEXPERIENCE supplemental applications like DELMIA, SIMULIA, etc. can use this derived format.

Import from Legacy DS Systems.

Allows for legacy files to be imported from DS Systems

Collaborative Industry Innovator
Building upon the Collaborative Business Innovator this role grants additional functionality to help manage data and organize team members. Industry Innovator provides an additional 20GB of cloud storage per user.
Key Apps within this role
  • Bookmark Editor
  • Change Action
  • Collaborative Lifecycle
  • Collaborative Tasks
  • Compare
  • IP Classify & Reuse
  • Route Management
Bookmark Editor

Organize and manage your CAD and non-CAD content in bookmarks that can be shared across your team, to provide easy access to important data.

Change Action

Ensure engineering changes are captured, implemented and documented robustly with the Change Action app. Create Change Actions, associate CAD files easily using the built-in search functions, and progress the change action through an approval process to gain input from required parties.

Collaborative Lifecycle

This app allows you to manage an object's lifecycle from creation to deletion including branches, revisions and duplicates. You can also control who can access the file at different stages and define settings for concurrent editing of files.

Collaborative Tasks

Keep track of jobs in an intuitive way by creating tasks for yourself or for team members. Tasks can be viewed on a Kanban style board.

Tapping on a task reveals the details, comments and other information relevant to that task. Deliverables, related items and projects can all be added directly to tasks.

Team members can be notified as they as tasks progress or as they are assigned to new tasks.


Compare content to identify differences in structures, metadata and 3D geometry.

IP Classify & Reuse

Define different access levels for content and access rights for users. Useful when sharing data with contractors and third parties.

Route Management

Routes are a collection of tasks that can be assigned to one or more team members. Routes can be saved as templates for reuse, which can help speed up planning for common tasks.

Collaborative Business Innovator
Collaborative Business Innovator is the entry level role that others build upon. Primarily it help teams to communicate, share and view SOLIDWORKS files in single managed environment. 5GB of cloud storage is available per user with this role.
Key Apps with this role
  • 3D Dashboards
  • 3D Swym
  • 3D Play
  • 3D Drive
  • Web Page Reader
3D Dashboards

A 3D Dashboard provides a online view of your vital project information. The dashboard is comprised of many different widgets that provide functionality, enable communication or present information. The layout of the dashboard is easily configured, so you can set it up to only view what is important to you.


3DSwym is at the heart of the 3DEXPERIENCE'S collaborative offerings. The hub of 3DSwym is a place for team members to ask questions, post updates, create surveys and review best practices with 'Wikipedia style' reference articles that can be created and maintained by you.

3D Play

3DPlay allows you to view SOLIDWORKS files in the cloud. Review tools allow you to measure, annotate, section, share and more. 3DPlay can also display simulation results and kinematic animations.

3D Drive

3DDrive provides cloud based data storage and management and is a great tool to help ensure everyone is accessing the latest version of a file.

3DDrive also provides access control and file history, meaning that you can control who can open each file and you can restore older versions of a file if necessary. Additional data management tools, such as full file revision management and approval processes require the Collaborative Industry Innovator role.

Web Page Reader

The Web Page Reader app can embed other websites into the 3DEXPERIENCE platform so that you can easily access third party data.

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