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Bill of Materials (BOM) Export

Exporting Bills of Materials in multiple formats is becoming essential for successful manufacturers.

Reduce time wasted on manual data input

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional is able to export and leverage data to produce BOMS suitable to be used in applications and systems downstream and consequentially reducing time wasted on manual data input.

Fully define your BOM's with Ease

Quickly fully define materials which make up a product and create a BOM suitable for users regardless of CAD expertise.

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SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional allows you to:
  • Link your chosen CAD system with your ERP (enterprise resource planning) or MRP (manufacturing resource planning) systems to allow for your BOMs to be quickly updated.
  • BOM data can be exported in a vast range of file formats without the need to access CAD specific application.
  • Create BOM data automatically in XML formats dependant on specific workflow actions.