Can I replicate my PDM Vault in multiple locations?
Perform on demand replication

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional can replicate vault data from a central server and then efficiently distribute it to design teams as required regardless of whether at a central location or in multiple locations worldwide.

Enables file synchronisation:

Multisite data replication enables file synchronisation across numerous remote servers so regardless of geographic location everyone is working on the correct file version.

Perform on demand replication:

As tasks are completed, SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional automatically notifies the correct people on the appropriate teams with hyperlinks to perform on demand replication.
Multisite Replication features include:
  • Localised file access: Gain access to even very large CAD files locally with replicated file servers without the long delays in response time
  • Scheduled Replication: Make us of low WAN traffic during off hours and schedule multiple replication across servers. The easy to configure replication schemes can maximise response times such as only having certain areas of the vault included at remote sites
  • On Demand Replication: Set up on demand replication to your local server by simply accessing a file. New files and versions are accessible to users even prior to local server synchronisation, have the opportunity to access or download file versions at any time

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