What is Streamlined Schematic Editor?
Bring your designs to life

A streamlined schematic editing environment gives you the tools you need to bring your designs to life.

With access to real-time component supply chain information and comprehensive rule checking, your schematic designs get done quickly and easily.

SOLIDWORKS PCB - Hierarchical Multi-Sheet Design

Hierarchical Multi-Sheet Design

No more headaches trying to keep your design data organised. Hierarchical multi-sheet design helps keep your design files organised and easy to update with a clearly defined project structure.

SOLIDWORKS PCB - Electrical Rule Check

Electrical Rule Check

Electrical rule checks in SOLIDWORKS PCB keep your schematics error-free. The comprehensive set of rules checks for proper connectivity and parameter settings in your design, and the customisable connection matrix let you choose which specific errors get toggled, saving you hours trying to manually diagnose flaws in your schematics.

SOLIDWORKS PCB - Library Management

Library Management

Libraries of schematic templates and components are available within easy reach, making your design re-use process more efficient than it has ever been. Easily combine and manage libraries in a single location, with parts that you know and trust from successful past projects.

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