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Get Started with Schematics Design

How can I learn SOLIDWORKS Electrical?
Training, Tutorials and Practice
SOLIDWORKS Electrical is an intuitive tool that eliminates a lot of the tedious elements of schematic design, to get the most out of the software it is important to understand the available commands and resources, and also to learn how to configure the software to suit your company. The fastest way to get up to speed is to attend one of our instructor led training courses. These are available virtually and in person, follow the link to view the upcoming schedule and find more about what's covered in our SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics Training Course.

The videos on this page have been created to provide a quick introduction to different topics of SOLIDWORKS Electrical and will complement the other learning materials available.
Get to know the SOLIDWORKS Electrical User Interface

This video will help to familiarize with the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic User interface and some of its main functionalities. In this video we will cover how to create a new project, how commands are organised and where to find the main commands, and how change the graphic options.

Introducing Line Diagrams and Schematics

SOLIDWORKS Electrical can be used to create different drawing types, this video focuses on the two that most commonly used, single line drawings and multiline drawings (schematics). We will cover how to insert symbols, how to associate manufacturer parts to components and finally how to connect components by drawing wires and cables.

Understanding Components, Symbols and Manufacturer Parts

To get the most out of SOLIDWORKS Electrical it's important to understand how components, manufacturer parts and symbols are related. In this short tutorial we'll explain what each one of these are and how they define your designs. We will explore two different scenarios to demonstrate how to use these items in your schematics.

How to Replace a Manufacturer Part in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Manufacturer parts, cables, symbols and title blocks can be easily replaced in SOLIDWORKS Electrical. The Replace Data just replaces entities with the same characteristics. A replacement configuration can be created to be used in future projects.

Import From Excel to SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Today we are going to see, how to modify in a few clicks, some properties in our projects such as all the descriptions, marks or user data using Microsoft Excel. In this example, we are going to replace the standard Y numbers generated by the automatic formula with the label that contains the origin destination component information.

Using SOLIDWORKS Electrical to create Pneumatic and Hydraulic Schematics

SOLIDWORKS Electrical can be used for a vast variety of schematic drawings, these include pneumatic and hydraulic schemes. In this video we will see how to implement the default library with P&ID parts and symbols. Furthermore we will show the benefit of the SOLIDWORKS 3D collaboration: the user will be able to quickly insert the 3D models then route wires, cables and pipes and automatically update all the reports.

How to Automate Schematic Creation using Excel

If your project has modular structure or it has standard design, the tool Excel Automation will help you to save time. Excel automation allows the user to automatically generate schematic drawings from data contained in an Excel file. A project can be driven through a friendly interface allowing non-technical people to create complex drawings.

Customize SOLIDWORKS Electrical Shortcuts

If you want to be a power user, you shouldn't deny the usefulness of hotkeys. They improve your everyday work and give an absolute boost in your productivity.

How to add Watermarks in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

The watermark is designed to discourage commercial use or to share the design status. This video shows how to create and manage the plot stamps and the watermarks in SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic.

Managing Revisions in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Revision management is a fundamental tool to track and control any changes in the design process because it will specify the designer, the date, the modification description and other important information. This video explains how to use revision control, snapshots, revision indexes, and revision attributes in the title blocks.

How to Create Harness Schematics in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

This video shows how to create accurate harness documentation In SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2D Schematic. The schematic tools intelligently link together all the graphical representation of the harness and the software automatically lists its information on the reports.

How to create 3D Harnesses with SOLIDWORKS Electrical

SOLIDWORKS Electrical gives you the freedom to design your harness in the way you desire. This flexibility makes SOLIDWORKS the perfect tool to meet your design needs. The video shows how to design a harness in SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic and 3D Harness Design.

How to Route Coils in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D

Through the combination of sketching, curves commands and auto-routing it's possible to create any shape of wire, and in this video we will cover how you can use the helix functionality to shape wires and create coils for SOLIDWORKS Electrical routing.

How to Calculate the PLC Address in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Every PLC drawing should show important information such as the PLC channel address. In SOLIDWORKS Electrical, we have a feature to automatically calculate the PLC. The formula to calculate these addresses is managed at the project level and in this video we will show you how to quickly configure it to match your company's formatting requirements.

How to use Electrical Data Sheets to your projects

The data sheets are fundamental because are documents that provide the manufacturer part specifications. In this video tutorial, we will show you how to link the Electrical Data Sheets to your project. In the second part of the video, we will go through the data sheet report creation. The report will have data sheet hyperlinks to help the user to quickly find any technical detail. These properties can be carried out to the final PDF.

SOLIDWORKS Routing is not reporting the correct route cable length?

In this video we will see how the Wire length is calculated in SW routing electrical and what values influence the result.

Working with SOLIDWORKS Electrical drawing tab

Texts, hatches, images, blocks, dimensions are important tools to complete and detail our projects. This video shows how to use the commands in the draw tab.

How to connect your SOLIDWORKS ELECTRICAL to an ERP database

In SOLIDWORKS you can connect an external database, such as equipment stock, management database, to manufacturer catalogues. This lets you retrieve data from your database and associate it with the electrical project components. This video shows how to connect an ERP database to SOLIDWORKS Electrical.

How to Change Language in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

In SOLIDWORKS Electrical you can switch between languages in the interface and documentation. This video shows how to manage the language settings and the symbol attributes.

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