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ExactFlat - a SOLIDWORKS Solution Partner

ExactFlat is software that makes it faster and less complicated to design, develop, prototype, cost and manufacture any products that incorporate composites, industrial fabrics or technical textiles. Integrated with SOLIDWORKS it allows users to:

  • Replace manual processes with digital processes using ExactFlat’s proprietary algorithms
  • Consolidate separate and distinct workflows into one environment on one platform
  • Parametrically link related tasks so that design changes in one area are automatically reflected in related areas
ExactFlat’s algorithms utilise a proprietary FEA solver refined over 10 years and are made for anisotropic materials formed into complex, non-developable surface geometry.

ExactFlat - tailored for engineering textile design

ExactFlat is a great tool to get accurate patterns fast.

Visual, intuitive pattern engineering available inside SOLIDWORKS. This video gives an overview of how automated pattern editing tools can offer simplified processes and accelerated cycle times.

ExactFlat helps designers and engineers get more done, in less time, with lower effort. We have taken advanced industry leading compaction algorithms and embedded them within the SOLIDWORKS CAD environment. We are proud to offer the first marker making and nesting features that are fully parametrically linked to pattern editing tools, and 3D or 2D CAD models.
  • Embedded within SOLIDWORKS, updates with design changes
  • Advanced 2D to 3D Flattening algorithms
  • Powerful patterning tools to add seam allowance, hems, hardware, gran lines, bounds edges notches and drills
  • Integrated, high yield nesting