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SOLIDWORKS Composer Player

Let your shop floor, customers, and partners see how your product works, what you can do with it, and how to do it with interactive 3D content using SOLIDWORKS Composer Player. More than a simple viewer, SOLIDWORKS Composer Player lets:

  • Manufacturing teams visualise how the product is assembled
  • Service representatives see how a repair is made
  • Customers watch the product in action, even before it is built

Traditional photos, screen shots, and videos can only show what the photographer includes. You can’t see the other side of an object or look at it from a different angle. Clarity and understanding is always in question:

  • Is the image well focused?
  • What if you want to see more detail?
  • Is the lighting right?
  • Is the background appropriate?

With SOLIDWORKS Composer Player, all these issues can be easily resolved. You can interrogate the model, adjust the viewing angle, and rotate/pan/zoom as you wish in real time. You can even launch a magnifying glass to drill down to tiny details or create section views. Even better, viewers can browse through predefined configurations of the design and enjoy a customised and flexible viewing experience.

With SOLIDWORKS Composer Player, you can reduce production errors, mitigate support loads, and win more business.