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SOLIDWORKS Frequency & Buckling Analysis

Do resonant and natural frequencies cause problems with your designs? Are your products slender and subject to axial loading? If the answer is “Yes” for at least one of these questions, join us for this Webcast to see how SOLIDWORKS Simulation can help you save time and cost by reducing the number of physical tests.

Agenda: -

  • Frequency – Learn how to predict and control your products natural modes of vibration to avoid potentially damaging resonant frequencies. Study the effects of both loads and material choice on your products performance.
  • Buckling - Virtually apply forces, pressure, gravity and centrifugal forces to your designs to determine maximum loads before buckling. Study the effects of various materials as well as isotopic and orthotropic factors.

Date Added

14 September, 2011


52 mins


SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional

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Frequency Analysis

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