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Efficient and prompt service.
Service Rating : Very knowledgeable, keen to help and interact.
Product : Excellent. Having the software prior to the course to play around with it was advantageous as well
Prompt & excellent support from Solid Solutions engineer, who arranged for a custom macro to be written to simplify a particular group of settings that my department will likely be using to display labels as Shaded in an otherwise Wireframe Drawing.
Service Rating : Very good. Had a very slow large assembly. Much better now.
Product : All good as usual. Gave me different options.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Well planned and well presented.
Product : Very informative, I have used SOLIDWORKS for few years but still learnt a lot.
Mark, who looked after our order was very helpful and was quick to reply.
Service Rating : Quick response, answered all questions and resolved all issues. Polite contact
Product : Always good support from Solid Solutions
Very Helpful!
Essentials Training
Willing to help, clear and understands that there is never a daft question!
Instant response and solution.
Visualize Standard Training
Service Rating : Very knowledgeable on the subject being taught and very personable.
Product : Quite expensive for what it is
Feedback Response: Hi. I'm sorry to hear this comment from you and will be in touch to discuss where you feel the event was lacking given the value placed upon it. Thank you for your feedback as I very much appreciate any comments that may help to improve our service offering. I had always believed that when compared to other classroom based training classes (in our own industry and in others) our price point was quite fair, often undercutting the competition. I wont speculate though on what could be the motivation for your feelings towards the event, and look forward to discussing this with you further via email. Kind Regards, Peter Harkness - Training Manager.
Service Rating : Solution to issue successfully found.
Product : slot feature used in error, engineer advised alternate counterbore feature which worked.
Joss helped me solve a problem with a file conversion. Extremely helpful.
Service Rating : Knew the answer to my question after checking with colleague.
Minimum you would expect
Product : No more than is expected of the service
Essentials Training
Really enjoyed the course. Premises was good and trainer very capable.
Service Rating : Very helpful and totally satisfied with their support.
Product : Very patient with clear explanations to resolving my questions.
Service Rating : Efficient and professional. Sorted out my problem very quickly.
Product : Sorted out the problem with the minimum of fuss.
I have always found the support team most efficient, professional and knowledgeable.
Service Rating : The phone was answered immediately and when I explained the problem to Josh he suggested the "Go to assist" option. Once connected he explained where I needed to look to find the files I needed and I was able to solve the problem.
Excellent help.
Product : Excellent help from Josh in assisting me so that I could find the files I needed.
Service Rating : Answered the question quickly and concisely.
Product : Great support, answered the question quickly.
Very good!
I needed assistance with moving PDM vault, Mark sorted me out by sharing my PC.
Service Rating : Had lots of help in regards to my issues, I appreciated the fact that I had continual help until the problem was resolved fully
Product : Friendly and helpful staff at the support centre. Very easy to talk to and they are very very knowledgeable.
Assembly Modelling Training
Excellent trainer made sure we were all up to speed and assisted as required.
Trainer was very knowledgable. Course was well prepared & fairly easy to follow.
Service Rating : Helpful, but could not resolve my issue, more concerning was the fact that he took a problem off the critical list and down graded it to medium because he said
there was a work around. The work around is pathetic. This problem is real and requires dealing with immediately.
Product : Helpful.Could not resolve the issue.
Feedback Response: Hi Ken, 

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I have reviewed the call history and communications from our team and just wanted to confirm my understanding of the timeline with you,  in case our communication has been at fault. I understand that the issue reported is a regression from a previous release. The symptoms being that currently you cannot copy / paste text directly between the Custom Properties panel of two files and that a workaround (suggested by SOLIDWORKS) is to paste instead, into a 'temporary' text file before copying / pasting into the destination file. 

Although I acknowledge that this is extremely inconvenient, technically, it is a feasible workaround, which, based on the definitions used by SOLIDWORKS for the escalation of software bugs (for Critical, "The software is not operational, no viable workaround exists and/or the customer’s business is severely impacted" and for Medium, "A software function is inoperable or not working as designed, work can continue with moderate impact to the business operations".) this does mean that the software developers would class this issue as having Medium Impact. 

We certainly do take the issue seriously though and although SOLIDWORKS have already suggested that in this case the fix 'should' (pending QA approval) make it into the next release of 2017 (SP2 -  expected later this month)  should you have any similar concerns in the future, there is an escalation process which can be triggered, with supporting evidence from yourself on the real business impact any problem you uncover may have on  your business, should we disagree with the 'impact' level set by the Developers. 

Please also be aware that if this is something you need to do en-masse, or if it is a regular part of your workflow, that we 'may' be able to provide a more effective workaround using the SOLIDWORKS API to create some custom code, pending the implementation of the fix later this month. Alternatively w
Simulation Training
Very nice training and good teacher.
Service Rating : Excellent support. I very quickly received a response which was nice & clear instructions explaining the issue and how to fix it. Armed with this info the issue was remedied straight away.
Product : Excellent support, very quickly received a nice clear response explaining the problem and how to fix it. Armed with this info problem was resolved immeadiately.
Very helpful and fixed the issue very promptly
Russell spent hours connected to our systems, and tried everything possible to try and resolve our issue. Ultimately it turned out we have a hardware issue, but he didn't give up or stop trying until he'd exhausted every possibility.
Service Rating : prompt and efficient response
Product : ..................................
Bemühter Support mit guter Responsetime, aber mein Problem wurde nicht gelöst
Feedback Response: Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. Hopefully you would agree that by quickly identifying that the problem was a software limitation, providing a workaround and logging an Enhancement Request on your behalf, that the Service we provided was to a good standard. Unfortunately, the fact that the issue was identified as a software limitation means that any resolution would be outside of the control of our Help-desk apart from, as previously noted, that we can petition the software developer for enhancements to the code on your behalf. Which has been done.  

Kind regards

Wayne Marshall
Customer Support Manager  
Assembly Modelling Training
Service Rating : Good instruction, delivered the course well.
Product : Training was delivered at a good pace. Classroom environment was comfortable.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Good knowledge of the software and managed the pace well for the different students on the course. Sometimes was a bit unclear about why we were doing steps in case studies but this might be more to do with the course material.
Product : Lots of good content. Having had a fair amount of experience of other CAD packages the pace was fairly slow but that allowed for a lot of interesting details to be included in each lesson. Definitely worth attending even if you feel you could teach yourself.
Service Rating : It was a easy step by step guide.Thank you so much for the help.
Product : It was good.This will go a long way to help what we do.
Assembly Modelling Training
Service Rating : Great friendly and knowledgable trainer.
Product : Good training course at a great location.
Essentials Training
Very good course.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : Well paced, detailed, Questions answered. Highly recommended
Product : Highly recommended - questions answered
Service Rating : Great Guy, very helpful and informative. As a beginner and moving from 2D to 3D the software is a bit of a challenge and I still need the help now and again. The support guys really understand that some of us are new to SOLIDWORKS and our request for help may be a little basic. My reply was received on the same day which helped me carry on and complete my job.
Product : Great course. It was great to come away from the 4 day course being able to use the software. I didn't think this on day 1.
Excellent support
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : Efficient and clear in presenting what was needed. Took time to explain any problems encountered
Product : Completely suitable for what was needed.
Flow Simulation Training
Excellent course delivery well explained
Service Rating : Excellent support on my 3D pdf query
Product : The faulyt was pinpointed and a solution arrived at,
Service Rating : As a customer of Solid Solutions they have been nothing but professional and knowledgeable.
Product : Chris Wadley, was polite, understanding, responsive and knowledgeable. He was able to replicate the problem. A workaround ahs been supplied, albiet not very graceful. Issue passed on to Soilidworks.
Essentials Training
Good course well taught
SolidCAM (CNC) 2.5 Training
The coach clearly explaining to the issues discussed.
Many thanks - really helped fix the problem in a clean and easy presentation within your e-mail.
Mould Design Training
Service Rating : Great service as usual. Rory is an enthusiastic trainer with a great pace. He repeats without being boring, and this means that things actually stick , for me anyway.

Thanks again, look forward to the next.
Product : Brought as part of the passport on Black Friday deal, so excellent value.
Electrical Schematics Training
Service Rating : Our course trainer Gordon Stewart was helpful and knowledgeable.
Product : The course was rich in information and really helped me make sense of SOLIDWORKS Electrical. I now need practice to fully internalise.