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Essentials Training
they know there onions!
Service Rating : Recent experience was very good - prompt and informed assistance. The guy understood the problem and quickly resolved the issue for me.
Product : Shame I had to pay for transferring the license but I guess that was down to SOLIDWORKS rather than SolidSolutions.
Weldments Training
Service Rating : Jamie taught me everything going I needed to know at a level and speed which I could understand and was able to answer every question I had fully explaining every point right down to the smallest detail
Product : Covered every aspect needed
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Excellent Trainer who guides you through every step until it is fully understood.
Product : Well set out course complete with book for future reference
Just a silly little issue with drawing frames that the team treated with the same professionalism as a full blown software meltdown and got me back running again.
Essentials Training
Very good course, learnt more than I thought I would. Lessons were delivered in easy to manage sections and the learning environment was just what was needed for learning.
Simulation Professional Training
Brilliant one to one course with a knowledgeable trainer. Thanks!
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Dave was extremely knowledgeable and had the patience of a saint ! Explained everything thoroughly.
Product : Genuinely enjoyed the essentials course, even though I was new to 2D/3D CAD I can honestly say I've come away with a lot more knowledge and understanding.
Essentials Training
Clear, Good knowledge of solid works, organised, tended to queries or issus quickly.
Service Rating : Though the support engineer didn't know the answer immediately he came up with a usable workaround within a few minutes. This lead to an improved solution later on in the project.
Product : The solution didn't perfectly match the problem stated but was good enough to make significant progress.
Always helpful
Service Rating : I had a fantastic support engineering who was efficient, professional and very friendly
Product : Straight forward and efficient
Very good fast and efficient support !
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Ben, our ‘tutor’, was excellent. And pitched the lessons at the pace required by the experience of the group and I did my best not to hold the lessons back and thankfully I did (mostly)

Overall, it was well run and very enjoyable. My only criticism (more by way of constructive criticism than complaint) is that occasionally Ben would be explaining something and say click this, then this, then this, enter 5mm, click that, then that… but all so quickly that on a couple of occasions, I missed the initial couple of clicks and was lost completely. That said, a quick cry for help and Ben would pop round and explain (with only minimal exasperation) – but to be fair, we were an awesome group, so he probably just thought we’d keep up :)
Product : Having inherited the role and only having experience of AutoCAD (17 years), I decided to just familiarise myself with SOLIDWORKS but do no more than that, so that when I attended the Essentials course, I’d not have picked u
SolidCAM (CNC) 2.5 Training
Service Rating : I usually dread having to go back to school to do dreary training but the past two days flew by thanks to Tom Buxton. He’s a very friendly guy who had us laughing many times during our training, and his knowledge of SolidCAM is excellent.
Product : Great trainer, nice venue.
Service Rating : Concise and thorough solution to my issue.
Product : Found the solution to an imported template problem and suggested a better method.
Service Rating : Very helpful as ever. I have yet to encounter a problem that cannot be resolved.
Product : Excellent service as always.......Thanks for your continued help.
PDM Professional Training
Service Rating : So much information to take in, but it was all manageable; plenty of breaks, examples and reasons explained concisely and generally a positive atmosphere.
Product : So much information to take in, but it was all manageable; plenty of breaks, examples and reasons explained concisely and generally a positive atmosphere.
Service Rating : Friendly and helpful advice. When he was unsure of the solution he told me so, asked me to wait and found a solution quickly. Easy to work with and problem rectified quickly.
Product : Great advice and quick resolution of issue
Essentials Training
yes I would recommend the trainer again.
Service Rating : Problem identified and solution in the form of a macro emailed a short time afterwards.
Product : Problem cured in timely fashion
Surface Modelling Training
Service Rating : Patrick is probably the best instructor I have learnt from. Understands the right pace and the fact that there is not a person who can focus 100% for 8h.
Product : Surfacing course is the second most useful one after Advanced Parts in my opinion. Well structured!
Excellent Service and very knowledgable engineer that could anwer any question I threw at him.
Service Rating : Excellent company. Very helpful and always resolve the problem
Product : Excellent Company. Always helpful.
Service Rating : Did what you would expect from support although did not know of issue with PDM 2016/2017 issue.
Had to ask colleague
Product : Did what you would expect from support
Thanks for the assistance
Drawings Training
Service Rating : Course venue excellent. Refreshments and Catering good. Course Trainer good.
As a relative novice compared with others on the course, I found it difficult sometimes to keep up with the speed of the instructions.
Perhaps there could be some courses geared specifically for novices.
Product : See details on previous page.
Advanced Part Modelling Training
Service Rating : Tom was a great coach, covering everything quickly and in sufficient depth, but also willing to explain things or go into more detail when asked.
Product : Great course, well taught, and very useful for my work.
Service Rating : Gut und Kompetent
Product : licence transfer zu aufwendig
Weldments Training
Service Rating : Even though i had zero knowledge of Weldments, i was able to follow along without too much difficulty.
Product : Tim went above and beyond to help me.
Visualize Professional Training
Re: SOLIDWORKS Visualiser (Standard and Professional) training - 10th-11th May 2017

The course tutor (Richard Earley) was extremely knowledgeable as well as being very personable and accommodating. The process he used made the introduction to SOLIDWORKS Visualiser very accessible and enticing. It was also thorough and extensive without being overwhelming.

Every query I bought up was answered in a very satisfactory way and made applicable to my existing duties and working practises.

The software itself was very impressive and easy to use compared to other 3D (and some 2D) software I've used before and I am very much looking forward to using it.

I would highly recommend the training my colleagues and I received.

- Andrew Sheppard
EU Document Coordinator - Sunrise Medical UK
Visualize Professional Training
Service Rating : The training was well focused on the core abilities of the group.
Each step was clear and concise.
The trainer was willing to repeat on request any particular points of interest relevant to our business needs.
The course materials and on-line tutorials are well constructed and relevant.
The trainer, (Richard), was very approachable and did an excellent job.
Product : The course materials and support information are first class.
Drawings Training
Service Rating : good. informative and patient
Product : good to learn about areas i had not be involved with before.

book training exercises need to be a bit more informative and easy to follow. Often there were process that had not be touched up yet so made it more difficult for others to follow
SolidCAM (CNC) 2.5 Training
Service Rating : The course trainer was a little difficult to understand at times and as I'd had little experience at solid cam he delivered the course at a speed that resulted in my getting left behind! I must say however that at all times when I asked for assistance he was very obliging.
Product : The course was very informative but carried out at too fast a pace from my point of view. The trainer went from one icon to another so quickly that I frequently lost my way.
Weldments Training
Good Informative Training.....Problems with several examples provided by SOLIDWORKS did not help trainer who needed to solve problems with examples and exercises before proccedign
He solved the problem quickly and professional.
Mould Design Training
Service Rating : The course was well presented ,interesting and full of useful information
Product : Great value ,covering many aspects of mold modelling from customers models.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Great course and the trainer (Jon Hall) presented well and took time to answer any questions and make sure that everyone could complete the exercises.
Product : The course covered all of the basics and I received a support call a few days later to ask how I felt it went and to remind me that I can call any time that I need assistance.
sorted the issue quickly and efficiently
Mould Design Training
Service Rating : Fantastic service from Solid Solutions. Julie our tutor taught at nice steady pace and was always patient whenever we got stuck, explaining where we had gone wrong.
Product : The course structure is well planned starting with surface repair of imported models then moving onto SOLIDWORKS excellent semi-automatic mould creation tools. We finished with creating more complex mould tools manually, which was the greatest help to me personally.
I've put my training into practice revisiting a complex mould tool that took me 4 days create two weeks prior to my course, I manage to recreate it in a day and built a much neater design.

looking into furthering my Knowledge and taking more courses with Solid Solutions.
PhotoView 360 Training
Service Rating : Jon Hall - Very Knowledgable, informative and friendly. Great at explaining any issues i was having.
Product : Excellent and to the point
Service Rating : I had forgotten how to do this but it was quickly explained without making me feel like an idiot. "Go to assist" is brilliant. Like having an expert in SOLIDWORKS sitting next to me.
Product : Go to assist. It's BRILLIANT!
Informative relevant information regarding the topic choice good advertising of the software and what it is able to do.
Surface Modelling Training
Service Rating : The trainer is patient and full of knowledge on the subject.
Product : A good team who tackle the problem using solid solutions best practice and knowledge of different team members when needed.
Excellent. Quick turnaround.
Weldments Training
Service Rating : Good response and good explanation in the lesson
Product : Well prepared for learning from the welding assembly
Sheet Metal Training
Service Rating : Trainer has a wealth of knowledge in sheet metal. I really enjoyed the course.
Product : Trainer has a vast knowledge of sheet metal. It was a pleasure to be on the course.
Essentials Training
Service Rating : Well presented with excellent product and background knowledge.
Product : Got everything I needed from the course!
Service Rating : Quick response on a complicated part which i needed a solution to very quickly
Product : Quick response on a complicated part which i needed a solution to very quickly