Made in 3D Challenge: Are you the next champion?

Thursday June 2, 2011 at 10:56am
Made in 3D Challenge: Are you the next champion?

Dassault Systèmes is proud to present the Made in 3D Challenge, a 3D print ready design contest opened to the global designer community!

Announced today at the Cumulus Conference “Crossing Talents” in France, the Made in 3D Challenge invites designers to submit their best 3D models in one of three categories: Mechanical Design, Architectural and Ergonomic Function. The challenge is open to all 170 design, architectural and art colleges from around the world, as well as any members with a free 3DVIA Account.

The best overall model will win an iPad2 as well as a 3D Print of the winning model, bringing the concept to reality. The winner will be featured with his/her design in TL Magazine, a quarterly magazine dedicated to innovative talent, materials and trends in the field of design, fashion, retail and urban environments. TL Magazine is printed in both French and English.

Additionally, the two runner ups will also receive 3D Prints of their models!

We will pick the best entry in each category. Judging will be carried out by members of 3DVIA, DS Design Studio and TL Magazine.

What is a Print Ready Design?
A model created to be 3D printed will need to have a few guidelines that vary from models just used in visual media. Here are some useful guidelines to follow:
- The model must have volume or wall thickness if interior spaces are shown. Minimum wall thickness of 1mm.
- The model should be stable. You may need to consider a stand or base for certain models.
- Keep in mind object scale. You will be printing in a maximum of 15cm x 15cm x15cm volume. Scale appropriately!
- You model file, plus associated textures (when zipped), must not exceed 25mb.

Come and test your mettle against the best of our community for a chance at fame and fortune. Winners will recieve all the acclaim of being one of our Challenge Champions. A special page will be created with your winning entry, and you will also be featured in our newsletter, letting everyone know who the Champion is.

Are you the next Champion?

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