SOLIDWORKS 2013 on a Tablet

Tuesday June 4, 2013 at 1:29pm None
I came across an article back in December by SOLIDWORKS Blogger Ricky Jordan which I'd thought I'd fianlly upload to our blog and share while customers decide to migrate from Windows XP to 7 or 8.
It's an intriguing article at how a Samsung 700T Tablet was running a full version of the new Windows 8 OS and was able to run SOLIDWORKS 2013 ( in OpenGL mode). In his article he also mentions that the new Microsoft Surface Tablet will support RealView in SOLIDWORKS through an Ivy Bridge processor with an integrated video card. We would love to hear form any customers who have tried this new functionality on a touch screen device. SOLIDWORKS has already entered the Tablet market with eDrawings for iPad - you may have seen our video by Oliver Duncan demonstrating this.

Simon Beamish
Applications Engineer



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