Bring appearances through to SOLIDWORKS Composer

Wednesday June 19, 2013 at 4:06pm None
Decals applied in SOLIDWORKS cannot translate through to SOLIDWORKS Composer files, however, there is a way in which you can bring through an appearance applied in SOLIDWORKS through to your translated smg file.
In SOLIDWORKS apply an appearance in the usual way to a face, body, feature etc, this can be any supported image format for example jpg, png, bmp, or even one of the standard SOLIDWORKS appearance files (p2m format) as long as it is not textured. Once applied save the file as a 3DXML file (this is a format which is supported by Composer). Open up the file into Composer, ensuring that the "import textures" tickbox is selected, and the appearance comes through!
Why not try it on your SOLIDWORKS models to save time inserting appearances again in Composer.
Dave Ashford | Applications Engineer
Solid Solutions Management

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