Friday Friction Fun

Friday September 13, 2013 at 2:15pm None
At lunch time today I witness a design fail. It was lack of Friction which caused it. This reminded me of how you can test the effects of friction and gravity on a system or a design. Check out the video for the actual event, luckily (and genuinely) caught on camera.
SOLIDWORKS Motion is a part of SOLIDWORKS Simulation and is one of the real gems which doesnt seem to get the exposure or the usage which it really deserves. However, there are some of Motion's capabilities which are available in SOLIDWORKS Standard (and have been there since SOLIDWORKS 2008!) which are very powerful. How to use this is also in the video.
At Solid Solutions, our software doesn't fall over but our engineers sometimes do. (Big thanks to Rich Horsman for the inspired quote right after the event took place).
It seems Friday the 13th is not a lucky day for Barry.
Please make sure you mention this to him when you see him at one of our launch events which are all listed on
See you at your local Launch event!
Mark Rushton
Solid Solutions Elite Applications Engineer

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