Great Quality Images from Flow Simulation

Friday September 20, 2013 at 9:34am None
All Flow Simulation users will know what fantastic on-screen images you get when you run a Flow Project - Cut Plots, Trajectories, Surface Plots, Iso-surfaces and so on. However, if you want to save a plot for use in a publication a screen shot might not be of adequate quality. So how do you save an image with a higher resolution?
The answer is a right mouse button click on the plot and use the 'Save as' button. This opens up the property manager shown below and allows you to choose from BMP, JPEG and PNG image types as well as VRML and, of course, eDrawings.
Once you have chosen the preferred image type you can then define the image size and orientation in the 'Resize and Orientation' section. Here you can choose from some standard sizes but also a 'Custom' size which you can make the number of pixels as large as you wish. Additionally the JPEG image type has a slider to adjust image compression.
One detail to note is the tick box called 'Save geometry'. If you leave this de-selected the image generated will be only of the Flow results. If you want to include the model geometry you must remember to tick this box before saving.
Andy Fulcher
Technical Manager
Solid Solutions Management Ltd

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