Shape the Future of SOLIDWORKS Products

Thursday September 12, 2013 at 11:47am
Shape the Future of SOLIDWORKS Products
Now is as appropriate a time as any to mention how you, the SOLIDWORKS customer base can voice your opinions in how you favourite software evolves over the coming years.
SOLIDWORKS 2014, the 22nd edition, it nearing its full commerical release (you can see some sneak peak videos here) but back in Boston, the software developers have firmly turned their attention to SOLIDWORKS 2015.
So how do they come up with ideas for new functionality?
Well, of the hundreds of enhancements that are included each release, 90% come from the customer base, meaning you have the power to shape what the software includes. The important thing is to communicate your ideas and requests back to SOLIDWORKS. We are proud to be ahead of our competitors when it comes to depth of functionality- this is one of the many reasons we are so popular, but there are still things that we can do better, or in a different way- the key is Enhancement Requests.
As subscription customers, Enhancement Requests can be raised via the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal. If you have never logged in and registered- do so!! It is a great resource that forms part of the subscription package. As well as the Enhancement Request facility, you can also download updates from here, and search an extensive Knowledge Base of tips, tricks and solutions.
When logged in, select Enhancement Requests under the "My Support" banner. Then use a keyword search to see if the request has been raised before.
(Tip- keep the search simple, i.e. keywords only, if you can find a match in the system already it helps escalate the enhancement as it is seen to have more votes- new enhancements start the voting from zero).
You can then vote for an existing enhancement, or create a brand new one describing the function you want, the importance and optionally any supporting documents and files. Add as many as you want, if you don't ask you don't get!!
Adam Hartles
Training Manager
PS Another great value add benefit for subscription customers is the new My.SOLIDWORKS resource that brings together SOLIDWORKS Blogs, help documentation, forum articles and social media posts.

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