SOLIDWORKS Composer Bills of Materials

Tuesday October 15, 2013 at 8:53pm
SOLIDWORKS Composer Bills of Materials
Sometimes we would like items to be listed as an assembly on a BOM rather than listing all the parts needed to build a certain Assembly. This can be achieved in SOLIDWORKS Composer in a couple of ways.
1. Activate Assembly Selection Mode.   
2. Pick all of the assemblies you wish to list as a single item, either in the graphics area or assembly tree.
SOLIDWORKS Composer Select Assembly
3. Activate the BOM Workshop. Verify the settings are “Apply to Selection” and “Compare Property” rather than Compare Geometry as below;
SOLIDWORKS Composer BOM Workshop
4. Click Generate BOM ID’s
5. Then switch OFF Assembly Selection Mode  , select any parts you want to be listed and then again click Generate BOM ID’s for these. Below I have shown the BOM and clicked create callouts, notice the assembly is identified with a black callout.
SOLIDWORKS Composer BOM and Balloons

Other BOM Tips.

To speed up selection on Assemblies and Parts this up you can also use a tool called “Select Actors  found on the assembly Tree.
1. Again I use Assembly Selection Mode , This time I pick a sub assembly in this case “Shield Assembly LH”
2. Then click on the Assembly tree click  “Select Actors”  
SOLIDWORKS Composer Select Actors
3. Choosing Child Level 1  and clicking “Select” will add the parts below it to my selection.
SOLIDWORKS Composer BOM Levels
4. Again use the BOM Workshop to add BOM ID’s, this time both assembly and part BOM ID’s can be added.
The Result is the same as the first method but it can be quicker to use this handy selection tool!

Consistent BOM ID’s between Views

You can also add BOM ID’s manually in the properties pane for each item and even set them as “neutral properties”  so they apply for all views.
SOLIDWORKS Composer Neutral Properties

Unwanted Parts in BOM’s

If you see unwanted parts in your BOM it may be because you have added BOM ID’s in other views and they are showing up in this one.
Pick the Items you wish to show on the BOM  then click “Create Callouts” on the BOM Workshop
Select the BOM in the screen and make sure “filter on visible callouts” is set to “Enable”  this way only items you have added callouts for show up on the BOM.
SOLIDWORKS Composer Filter Visible Callouts
If you would like a first look at SOLIDWORKS Composer, be sure to check out our Product Page and also our Solid Solutions TV website.
Alan Sweetenham
Applications Engineer

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