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SolidWorks Certifications- All You Need to Know

Saturday March 15, 2014 at 12:38am
The SOLIDWORKS certification program is a great way to test competency and efficiency in the software- it is the only industry recognised SOLIDWORKS accreditation and a great addition to your CV.
Below is an overview of the main examinations, and we are also able to provide opportunities for you as subscribed customers to sit the exams for free*
The main SOLIDWORKS certification website is, this provides detailed information on all the exams and also samples to prepare you.
From here a number of exams are described the main ones are:
Aimed primarily at those in education to leave university or college with a great addition to their CV as they search for employment
The exam tests competencies in solid modelling (extrudes, fillets, cuts and sketches), assembly creation and basic drawing fundamentals- focusing on design intent and ability to maintain robustness in models when changes are requested.
Exam Length- 3 hours
Pass mark- 70%
Approximately 800 CSWAs in the UK
The most recognised and established of all the exams. CSWP is split into 3 segments totalling 3.5 hours. Segment 1 tests part modelling and editing; Segment 2 editing existing parts and configurations; Segment 3 assembly creation.
On top of this Professional exams can also be taken on industry specific elements of the software
Exam Length- 3.5 hours (CSWP) 1.5 to 2 hours for industry specific modules.
Pass mark- 75%-80%
Approximately 1500 CSWPs in the UK
The pinnacle of the SOLIDWORKS exams, and quite rightly tough to achieve. As well as the 85% pass mark, to even qualify to attempt the CSWE exam, users must have passed the CSWP and 4 of the CSWP industry specific modules (excluding the CSWP Simulation). This exam can test any modelling skill in the software including surface modelling, sketch blocks, top down assembly design.
Exam Length- 3 hours
Pass mark- 85%
Approximately 150 CSWEs in the UK
Free Examination Codes for Subscribed Customers
As subscribed customers you can attempt the CSWP or CSWA free of charge, as well as any one of the CSWP industry specific modules. This LINK will show the current promotional codes when signed in to the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal
To purchase the exams, customers need to visit the webstore, add the respective exams to their shopping cart (all 3 segments for the CSWP when redeeming the coupon) and upon the payment screen, the coupon code can be used to cancel out the cost. Emails will then be sent to the customer with instructions how to create a Virtual Tester account and download the software which hosts the examinations.
These codes alter every 6 months, so claim the exams as soon as you can, and then you will have a further 6 months before the exam credit expires.
Online Resources
At Solid Solutions we have created two great video webinars to help prepare you for certifications.
The first hosted by our Training Manager Adam Hartles gives an overview of the examination process, tips to best prepare you and a run through of the practice examination with suggestions how to approach the task at hand. (LINK)
The second, hosted by another of our Elite engineers Stephen White, is a shorter 30minute offering talking you though the exam format and procedure how to purchase. (LINK)
Best of Luck!!
By Adam Hartles - Training Manager
*one free attempt is granted per user

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