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Creating Cut-Away Drawing Views

Monday July 14, 2014 at 12:08pm

There are several ways to create cut-away views of assembly’s for use on a drawing in SOLIDWORKS. One method of doing this is to create a cut feature at an assembly level, also known as an ‘Assembly Cut’. It is found on the assembly tab of the Command Manager > Assembly Features > Extruded Cut. With the use of this feature, the cut feature can optionally be left out of a component drawing without the need for an alternate configuration, as it only affects the top level assembly. In this example below I have used a cut to remove one quarter of the outer casing of the oil pump.




The assembly cut feature also has a Feature Scope, allowing you to select which components the cut feature effects. You will also see a checkbox that, if required, will allow the cut to propagate to the part model. In this example I have selected components that form the outer casing of the oil pump.




Giving the end result as follows:




The feature can also be used in a separate configuration for ease. Lastly, place the view on a drawing sheet; add balloons, BOM and any other required information.



By Ben Garrett

Applications Engineer



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