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Introducing SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard

Wednesday June 3, 2015 at 4:04pm
Simulation Standard is a new package of Simulation tools from SOLIDWORKS that enable engineers and designers to test their parts and assemblies, not only for strength and stiffness, but now also for FATIGUE failure (repeated cycling loading) and rigid body MOTION.

Experience shows real parts fail more often from fatigue than from any other form of loading. Since a large proportion of structures either move or shake or are subject to alternating pressures or forces, SOLIDWORKS felt it important to provide tools to analyse such situations easily, effectively and affordably

In addition, Simulation Standard includes Motion simulation to enable evaluation of kinematic and dynamic systems driven by motors with applied forces, springs, dampers and rigid body contacts.

This webcast will demonstrate, using examples, how these tools can be used to test virtual parts and assemblies saving time and money whilst optimising performance.

View the Video here

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard Webcast


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