3D Printing Around the Home

Tuesday November 13, 2018 at 10:00am
Recently it’s becoming more and more evident that 3D printing is a game changer for most industries' design process. Cutting edge technology is making it possible to improve early prototypes, reducing turnaround time and decreasing the reliance on offsite providers. However sometimes 3D printing isn't about that, sometimes it's just nice to have access to a state of the art CAD software and a 3D printer for sorting out the little jobs.
3D Printing Around the Home

One of our elite applications engineers, Alex Hall, found him self stuck with a problem recently. Unable to find an easy way to wall mount his garden hose equipment, he decided to created his own solution. After designing a simple yet sturdy model in SOLIDWORKS he set the 3D printer going, and a just few hours later the bespoke new product was complete. Check out the finished product below.  


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