An introduction to SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal

Monday March 4, 2019 at 5:07pm None
For the latest entries into our Basics and Tips and Tricks webcast series Graham Stephenson will take you through Sheet Metal Parts in SOLIDWORKS.

Sheet Metal parts in SOLIDWORKS are created from their own set of specialized commands. All sheet metal parts in SOLIDWORKS can be flattened from their 3D state to automatically create a 2D flat pattern. The flat pattern created can include bend lines and should give manufacturers everything they need to cut and bend the part. SOLIDWORKS can even export the flat pattern to DXF and DWG file formats from a simple right click option.


For those looking for a quick introduction to Sheet Metal in SOLIDWORKS we've just uploaded recordings of our Sheet Metal Basics and Sheet Metal Tips and Tricks webcasts.

Training Course

If you're looking to fully understand how to create Sheet Metal Parts and Drawings consider attending one of our Sheet Metal training courses.

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