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Customer Story: Energym

Tuesday December 3, 2019 at 3:00pm

Climate change is the biggest issue that the world is facing right now, with the increasing level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere setting up an all-time high record for the first time in 800,000 years, now is more important than ever to create clean and renewable energy sources.

Renewable energy is what inspired our entrepreneur, Will Flint, to create Energym. After a diving trip to the Great Barrier Reef, Will was shocked at what he witnessed.

What one week was an underwater utopia, teeming with tropical life, the next was a pale coral skeleton, still, lifeless and dead. After this trip he brought together both of his passions, fitness and technology, and Energym was born.

Energym is a team full of skilled engineers and specialist commercial professionals with the same passion in mind. Their products create human-generated energy through gym equipment, a bit like a hamster on a wheel!

Once in practice over 24 hours, a single gym using Energym’s technology could power 7.8 homes, creating clean and sustainable energy for their local community.

Energym started using SOLIDWORKS through our Entrepreneur Programme, we talked to Leon Rembges, the technical manager at Energym, to see how access to free SOLIDWORKS has helped their business.

Who are Energym?

“Team Energym is an innovative and environmentally-conscientious enterprise with the vision of a carbon-neutral world, expanding with positive environmental and economic growth. By partnering a thriving fitness culture with an urgent environmental need for sustainable clean energy, Energym has created patented retro-fitted technology which enables gym equipment to be converted into clean useable electrical power. This can be used to power the gym itself, reducing the electricity costs for our clients and could even potentially power communities in the future.

Will Flint, the CEO of Energym, created the first ‘Human Power Project’ with his combined enthusiasm for fitness and the mission to reduce the use of fossil fuels and help businesses achieve carbon neutrality”, says Leon.

Which SOLIDWORKS products do you use?

“We use the SOLIDWORKS Premium Simulation, Flow, Plastics, Visualize, Composer and PCB to manage and create the interface between sleek and aesthetically-stimulating fitness equipment and clean-energy.

SOLIDWORKS is a really powerful and productive tool that is easy to access and navigate for the dynamic and static testing that we have used to help validate our initial design work. With the use of 3D Experience, our team was able to collaborate and work on projects, maximizing efficiency and development. Design usability for the retrofitting services has massively improved because the software integration system has enabled a team response to visual improvements and how the final product will operate.”


How did you discover the SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneur Program?

“The SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneur Program was found through searching online for a SOLIDWORKS package for the team to use to bring our ideas to life. The application process was straight forward with Mark Tooley keen to help with any queries along the way.”

What was the biggest challenge you had as a start-up business before

accessing SOLIDWORKS through the Entrepreneur Program?

“The biggest issue we had before being a part of the SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneur Program was getting our ideas from sketches to our hands. The use of SOLIDWORKS has allowed our team to design useable models while being able to create comprehensive engineering drawings of each part, speeding up the prototyping and development stages drastically for us.”

For more information on Energym visit their website:

Are you a start-up company looking for FREE CAD Software? Click HERE to find out more details.

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