3DEXPERIENCE World Wrap-up

Thursday February 20, 2020 at 2:28pm

Last week, we attended the first 3DEXPERIENCE World. Building on the legacy of SOLIDWORKS World, 3DEXPERIENCE World is an opportunity for designers, engineers, entrepreneurs and business leaders to learn, innovate, collaborate and celebrate together.

The conference was held in Nashville over three days, where we had the opportunity to hear from engineers and innovators about how they are combining the real and virtual to create new ways of doing business.

3DEXPERIENCE World Wrrap-up

The conference started with sessions hosted by a wide range of guest speakers such as CEOs, athletes, engineers and innovators – all sharing how they started their own company and how they used Dassault Systemes products to improve their businesses.

Day 1: Discovering your new potential

Day one was about new cutting-edge technology within the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform and it helps develop innovation. There was also an extra keynote session highlighting how the platform has helped businesses collaborate and made their design process more developed and streamlined.

Day 2: Extending your capability

Day two started as a ‘choose your own path’ session. We picked between two different seminars for a deeper dive into certain topics.

The session ‘Powering Innovation in Design with SOLIDWORKS’ was one of the options to choose from, giving SOLIDWORKS users and engineers the chance to explore the latest and greatest developments in the software.

‘Powering Innovation in Manufacturing with DELMIAWORKS’ was the second option. This session covered how DELMIAWORKS and the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform can be used together to create a streamlined process for manufacturing.

Day 3: Future-proofing your creativity

On the final day, we got to hear from the top industry pioneers and see how the skills and strategies we learnt at 3DEXPERIENCE World can come together and help power our customer’s growth, innovation and productivity.


Hands-on with the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

We had the chance to get hands-on with the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, learn about new technology, tools and applications. There were lots of opportunities to explore but we listed our top picks below!

  • XR Zone – here we tested leading Augmented and Virtual Reality software. There was also the opportunity to tour a virtual museum of innovations.
  • 3DEXPERIENCE for Good – A new feature introduced this year was the opportunity to give back. Here assembled prosthetic hands that were then taken and donated to people around the world!
  • Model Mania – like in our launch events, we went head-to-head against other SOLIDWORKS users to see who could design a certain assembly the fastest and with the most accuracy.

Our Awards

At 3DEXPERIENCE World we were recognised as the leading provider of SOLIDWORKS Products in the UK & Ireland. To see the full list of the awards we have won in the past click here.

  • #1 Reseller Worldwide 3DEXPERIENCE Products
  • SSM Elite 190 Reseller Winner
  • SSI Elite 190 Reseller Winner
  • EuroNorth Top Reseller SOLIDWORKS Multi-product
  • EuroNorth Top Reseller SOLIDWORKS Simulation
  • EuroNorth Top Reseller SOLIDWORKS Electrical & PCB
  • EuroNorth Top Reseller PDM & Manage
  • Presidents Club Winner
  • Diamond Club Subscription Winner

To find out more about the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, click HERE.

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