Leading the Charge in Business Sustainability

Tuesday June 1, 2021 at 11:12am
With society increasingly calling for businesses to act more sustainably, the need for - and opportunity in - taking a leadership role in this area is greater than ever. This event brings you the know-how and experience of those already sustainably transforming their business models, products, and people.

Virtual Event | 8th - 10th June
In association with the Financial Times

All of us Want a More Sustainable World

It’s increasingly clear to people around the world that humanity, as a whole, needs to think and act more sustainably. It’s also clear we don’t have time to waste. That’s why involving businesses in this challenge is so critical: because we - as a group - have the resources, people and expertise to create positive change.

This was the drive behind us creating the Leaders in Business Sustainability initiative in 2019. And this year it’s time to turn talking into action!

We need to harness what we learn from each other in these sessions and drive it forward in our businesses, communities and societies.

Driving Positive Change

The simple fact is that a more sustainable world and more sustainable businesses are two sides of the same coin: one drives the other. The more we invest in developing one side, the more the other gains in reaction - a true win-win situation.

And the smartest business leaders have recognised the opportunity within this: that those organisations who most successfully integrate sustainability into everything they do will be the ones to prevail in the coming decades. In the efficiencies they generate, the goodwill they stimulate and the profitability they achieve. Sustainability isn’t just a good idea. Or just a good thing to do. It makes good business sense too.

Sustainable Businesses are Built on Sustainable Business Plans, Products and People

That’s why we are so committed to the three pillars that we have pioneered through this initiative:

  • Sustainable Business Models are helping foster more open business cultures, more agile operating procedures, and more customer-centric thinking.
  • Sustainable Products and Services are putting efficiency at the heart of innovation, using visualisation and simulation to increase flexibility and speed-to-market.
  • Sustainable People is emphasising the fact that learning is a lifelong responsibility and opportunity, both for employers and employees.

Together, these three focus areas are transforming the sustainability of hundreds of organisations and form the core of this year’s program.

Register for Upcoming Sessions

June 8th, 12:15 GMT | Business Model(s) of Champions - REGISTER HERE

June 8th, 12:55 GMT | Agile not Fragile - REGISTER HERE

June 9th, 08:15 GMT | Yesterday Would have been Better - REGISTER HERE

June 9th, 13:15 GMT | Digital Revolution in Manufacturing - REGISTER HERE

June 9th, 14:00 GMT | Digital Revolution in Manufacturing - REGISTER HERE

June 10th, 11:30 GMT | Digital Revolution in Manufacturing - REGISTER HERE


  • Bernard Charlès | Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer - Dassault Systèmes
  • Frank Ludwig | Chief Transformation Officer - Jaguar Land Rover
  • Maurits Van Tol | Chief Technology Officer - Johnson Matthey
  • Monika Franke | Global Head of HR - Polestar
  • Erik Kruse | Partner Manager to IoT Ecosystems - Ericsson
  • Guilherme Pizzato | Head of Partnerships for Manufacturing - Nokia
  • Michelle Tilley | PMO & Digital Director - EDF
  • Pedar Tuborgh | Chief Executive Officer - Arla Foods

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