ModBox Case Study

Friday February 18, 2022 at 11:30am

Making waves when it comes to the conception and perceived limitations of architectural structures, ModBox was founded by twin brothers Adam and Peter James back in 2019. Their goal was to address a growing need for functional, off-the-shelf structures that can be used for a variety of different things. They work based on three core principles, the idea that a space should be expandable, modular, and portable, allowing you to create almost any structure and take it with you anywhere you desire.

"ModBox is all about creating fast architecture. Mobile, structural frames that you can use for lots of different things." - Adam James, Co-Creator at ModBox.

ModBox is taking a slightly different approach to previous 'modular' solutions, that, in hindsight, have been backwards engineered. An example being the use of shipping containers for housing and hospitality spaces. Instead, they put function at the centre of each structure to produce a modular, scalable, and portable space.

Making the indoor, outdoor, and outdoor, indoor - in a step to revolutionise the industry. - Whether you're looking for a pop-up store to showcase your latest collection or to put a fully kitted out bar in your garden.

ModBox Case Study


To make this structure concept a reality, ModBox opted for our SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneur Programme. This programme provides start-up companies with the software and training they need to get started.

In addition to the design, simulation, and virtual testing, it turns out SOLIDWORKS came in handy while trying to conform to UK road regulations...

"SOLIDWORKS was paramount to the design of this structure. We had a very strict weight limit of 3.5 tonnes. A legal towing limit for lightweight structures on the back of a trailer is 3.5 tonnes… We had a good idea of what all of our frameworks weighed using SOLIDWORKS.” Explains Adam, “before we started building anything at all, we had a good idea of what all of our framework weighed using SOLIDWORKS.”


The SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneur Programme from Solid Solutions has been created to allow start-up companies access to the full suite of tools that they need to bring their ideas to life.

“Before going through the design process, we weren't aware of the benefits that the full suite of SOLIDWORKS tools could provide. One example was composer using composer to create. Accurate drawings, but in a design manual context, was great. It really helped us through our IP process and design process.” - States Adam.

“Visualize has been great because having designed our dynamic moving model in SOLIDWORKS. We can then migrate that over to Visualize and show people the end product in an accurate, rendered format and that really helps people buy into the product.”


During the pandemic, the team at ModBox realised that they had to adapt to meet the demands of the times. This led to the creation of PopBox, your very own cocktail bar, outdoors ready for your socially distanced soiree.

“We had to pivot to a more outside solution, and that's where the idea behind pop books came from. We've kitted it out as a mobile cocktail bar because - everyone loves cocktails, but also, it's a great showcase for what it can do, but that’s not to say that you can't use the pop box for other things. It could be a brand display space. It could be a cafe or a shop. It's all outside space.” – Adam James, Co-Creator at ModBox.

In September 2021, Solid Solutions decided to take the PopBox for a spin at their summer social and it did not disappoint.

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